Innovative virtual event ideas and activities for a successful online conference

The Year 2020 is a moment of change. All the events you’ve been working hard on for months has been cancelled. What was once used for events are no longer viable! It will be many months before live conferences or exhibitions are allowed again. Virtual conference & Online Meetings are now the new norms and Partyinkers are constantly finding exciting virtual event ideas and activities to make them fun and engaging like a live event.

Partyinkers present Virtual Event Printing!

Partyinkers’s online app allows guests to customize items for your virtual conference event from the comfort of their living room. Work with our experienced team to develop and build your very own mobile customization app, and take your conference or event from the convention floor straight to the people.

Are you planning ahead some virtual event ideas and activities for your team to revive the lost energy and dynamism during these tough times? Do you want to make them feel like a team again, and feel connected with their organization?

But, you no longer want to give them the old fashioned “Stay Home, Stay Safe” t-shirt or business logo printed mugs the way every other business is doing. Don’t let Covid-19 make your online meetings dull and boring. Make them fun and delightful than ever before.

Let your colleagues, guests, and audiences creatively design their gift t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, and bottles and have them delivered to their doorsteps in 7 days!

1. Hello to the New, Innovative Virtual Event Idea – Virtual Event Printing

Hosting an event online with your team, and want to boost team energy and confidence in every one of them with a unique corporate gift?

Mass printed t-shirts, bottles, and gift packs are too dull and way overdue. It’s time to bring in Customization to make your event outstanding.

You can make your entire team feel connected and be amazed by offering something out of the ordinary. PartyInkers has the perfect virtual event idea to spice up your online events and make them entertaining and interactive: Partyinkers Virtual Event Printing Service. Show your Team that you care!

2. Affordable Service Within Your Reach

Our Virtual Event Printing service is super affordable because there are no overhead costs that could surge the price. The whole process is done remotely and online. Plus, you are in complete control of offered gifts per person and the investment you want to make for your business.

3. Interactive Virtual Event Activity

Simply give your guests the designated web link, allow them to design their gifts, and confirm their order from their computer or our mobile app. Your guests have complete freedom to create their products in any way they want. All verified orders are printed and shipped to the desired address in just 7 days!

4. Exciting Designs and Templates All Ready

What could be more fun and exciting than your whole team using their creativity to design the best gift from your company? You can invite everyone in your organization, your colleagues, clients, and vendors to participate and impress everyone else with their unique design. There is a wide variety of themes, designs and awesome templates that are extremely irresistible! Virtual Events Printing that leaves an unforgettable impression on everyone.

5. Dedicated Team For You

Our Virtual Event Printing service is booked for your event for the entire week, totally dedicated to you. We make sure everything is working flawlessly for everyone in your guest list; all confirmed orders are printed and shipped within 1 week.

PartyInkers know how to keep the online party going. We know how to make everyone in your business network feel connected and closely bonded when the whole world is in chaos.

6. Home Delivery or Office Delivery!

We are here to maximize the experience of your virtual events during social lockdowns worldwide. In exchange for a minimal fee, we are willing to go the extra mile to boost the impact of your events by home, delivering all the personalized gifts. You can then ask your guests to take a selfie of them using that gift, send them to you to share on social media. Wouldn’t that be awesome!

7. Social distancing does not mean you have to disconnect from everyone and everything in the world, right!

Our Virtual Event Printing is a unique virtual event idea where all of your guests can participate in creating the most authentic gift designs possible.

Give Your Guests the Freedom to Design Their Participation Gift and They Will Fall In Love With Your Business Forever!

8. Why Virtual Event Printing with Partyinkers?

  • We are Asia’s leading offsite event printing service and the first service in Singapore to offer live offsite printing.
  • Your guests and participants have the entire week to design their unique gifts. No one has to wait in long queues or hastily create their event souvenir.
  • Everything is online and mobile. Your guests can either use the provided web-link to create their custom order or use the app to select their gift.
  • We offer you more product choices for a virtual event. You can offer t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, notebooks, or even aluminium flask bottles to your guests. Even these items are customizable.
  • Our online design library is filled with tons of graphics, templates, design ideas, and clipart for every occasion.

Our Goal Is To Make Your Virtual Events Experience As Amazing And As Phenomenal As Possible For Everyone.

Booking your Event with Partyinkers:

  1. Inform us of your virtual event dates, subject to availability.
  2. Once the dates are reserved, choose from a list, the gifts you want to offer and the number of gifts to present to your guests.
  3. We create a dedicated order web-link just for your business. We will be creating a unique OTP that you can pass on to the selected group of guests.
  4. Your guests can use that web-link to log in, select the gift, design it to their preference, and place the order.
  5. We will start printing once the 7 days Virtual Event Printing activation has ended.
  6. All the printing is done and dispatched within 7 days of final approval.

With Partyinkers Virtual Event Printing, There Is No Design Limit.

For the week we are booked with you, your guests can design and print as much as they want. We are the only Virtual Event Printing Service that offers unlimited designing and printing. Let your creative ideas flow and try as many wild ideas you can think of with the specially curated Templates, Clip Arts available exclusively for every event.

The more you order and print, the cheaper it gets. You are in complete control of everything printed during your event.


When most of your team is still working from home, in pyjamas, and sweatshirts, it can be tough to keep the productivity high. Eventually, even people at key positions start taking things casually because everything is “locked down.” This is when Virtual Event Ideas such as Virtual Event Printing do the magic and boost the productivity of your team again.

Getting your entire team back in action, engage with colleagues, clients, and vendors with a whole new level of positive energy will help sustain growth and success.

Virtual event is a great way to achieve your re-connecting goals while maintaining in-person social distancing. Having PartyInkers as part of your online event makes it more appealing and thrilling for everyone. At a fraction of the cost of hosting a live event, you get tons of more engagement and activity in your organization. You can use that saved money to create more engaging events for your team!

Once we have the confirmation of the Virtual Events Printing order, we will take everything from there. Don’t get stuck in tedious work from home conferences again. Make your events incredible for everyone.

Meanwhile, you can check out the fringe activities that we offer – Live Digital Printing, Onsite Screen Printing & Live Embroidery

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