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10 Interesting Corporate Dinner and Dance Games to Keep Your Guests Entertained!

Corporate Dinner and Dance Planning for 2020! Booking the right entertainment is essential to make an event go from just good to a great one. The idea of hosting corporate events is solely to gift your employees with fond memories of the company.  

The best entertainment ideas need to weave in seamlessly with the venue, theme, and company culture. The right kind of entertainment can surprise the attendees with a beautiful experience at your Corporate Dinner and Dance. It is important to choose the right entertainment options for your event, that best suits your guests that you have invited!

For your inspiration, here are 10 Creative Corporate Dinner and Dance Event Entertainment Ideas:


Thanks to the new era of job-inventors, performing magic is now a legit occupation. Stunning your guests with the sudden wave of magical coins can give a shock of delight to the attendee.

2.     Caricature Artist

Wouldn’t you love to have a hearty laugh while seeing self-caricature portraits! And when art collaborates with tech, the experience is undoubtedly extraordinary. Artists can use tables to draw and then portrait it. It can be on a live screen for maximum entertainment of the attendees at the Corporate Dinner and Dance.

3.     Social Photo Booth

Booths have been in trend since time immemorial. The newest photobooth technology offers people not to stick to still photos but gifs, videos, and maybe even animated characters of them. This can act as a real source of amusement for all those attending the Corporate Dinner and Dance.

4.     Celebrity Impersonators

A better way than to surprise your guests with celebrity impersonators who can entertain. Make them gasp for air in one moment to causing them to burst in laughter. You can also hire a mimicry artist who can impersonate the CEO or the manager or anyone in the company. Obviously after you’ve taken permission to do so for more of a hearty laugh. 

5.     Fire Performers

Performers do leave everybody in awe of their talent, adding sizzle and drama to your event. Not to even mention their performances are photo-worthy too!

6.     Cover Band

The cover band can be a good idea to cheer up the attendees in your event. Hiring cover bands that seamlessly blend into the theme of the evening is a great way to keep up the entertainment level high at your Corporate Dinner and Dance.

7.     Contests

Little friendly competition can always lighten up the event environment. Fun ideas such as caption contest or corporate trivia can stir up the excitement level of the crowd.

8.     Corporate Comedian

A light-hearted joke on everyday mundane corporate lives can surely crack up your audience. Someone who specializes in corporate gigs can poke fun to the ridiculous border of work-life balance.

9. Customizable Gift Stations

Giveaways end up in the trash. To make your guests remember an excellent evening that they had spent at the event, you can install a custom made gift station. Wow, your guests with Live Digital Printing! This way, they get something of their choice as a reminder of a personal touch from your Corporate Dinner and Dance they attended.

10. Augmented Reality

All know the massive success of ‘Pokemon-Go,’ a game based on augmented reality. Witnessing things live on a screen can act as an excellent amusement tool for your guests, keeping them entertained.

Entertaining the guests is the sole responsibility of every good host, and when it comes to corporate dinner and dance, there are enough reasons to be one.


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