Live Screen Printing is a creative and entertaining way to take your event or party to the next level
by creating both an immediate message and a tangible memory via custom printed apparel.

1. Design and Apparel

Our in-house design team creates designs from scratch or works with pre-designed brand assets.

2. Print for the People

Guests get to choose an item, designs, and the placement of the designs for a one-of-a-kind item.

3. Impress your Guest

Wow your guests as we bring their creation to life in a matter of minutes.  Your guest will be amazed how their merchandise that bears your brand is printed and their social media will probably be YOU.

What can we print on

SEtup and REquirements

Printing Capacity Estimated 30pcs/hr

Our on-site presence can be as large or as small as you want it to be. We can fill up a large space to make it the main focus of your event or we can be discrete and non invasive.

What we bring with us?

  • 2 PartyInkers Crew.
  • 1 Screen-Printing machine
  • 3 X Screen Blocks + 3 Different Colour Screen Printing Inks
  • 1 Partyinkers booth (1.5m X 0.75m)
  • Full clean up and tear down supplies.

What we need to print on site?

  • 2 Dedicated power outlet for each printing station.
  • 2m X 2m space
  • Shelter. We need a roof over our heads if there is any chance of wet conditions.

Live Silkscreen Printing Events