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5 Types of Fun Team Building Activities to Bring Your Team Together

Creating a cohesive and motivated team is essential for any successful organization. Team building activities are a fantastic way to foster collaboration, improve communication, and boost morale. In this post, we’ll explore different types of fun team building activities, suitable for various group sizes and settings. Whether you need quick team building activities for a small group or engaging corporate team building activities, you’ll find something that fits your needs.

1. Simple and Effective Team Building Activities

Sometimes, the simplest activities can have the most significant impact. Here are some easy-to-implement team building activities that can be done with minimal preparation and resources. 

Trust Fall

A classic team building exercise, the trust fall helps build trust and reliance among team members. Have one person stand with their eyes closed and fall backward into the arms of their teammates.

Two Truths and a Lie

Each team member shares two true facts and one lie about themselves. The rest of the group must guess which statement is the lie. This activity encourages sharing and getting to know each other better.

Human Knot

Participants stand in a circle, reach across, and grab the hands of two different people. The group must then work together to untangle the knot without letting go of hands.

2. Quick Team Building Activities

When time is limited, these quick team building activities are perfect for a fast yet effective team bonding session.

Speed Networking

Pair up team members for brief, timed conversations. After a set time, have them switch partners. This is a great way for team members to learn a little about each other in a short amount of time.

5-Minute Challenges

Set a timer for five minutes and challenge teams to complete a task, such as building the tallest tower out of office supplies. This fosters quick thinking and collaboration.

Icebreaker Questions

Prepare a list of fun and thought-provoking questions. Have each team member pick a question and answer it within a minute. This is a quick way to break the ice and spark interesting conversations.

3. Fun Team Building Activities for Work

Inject some fun into your work environment with these engaging team building activities designed to bring joy and laughter to the office.

Office Trivia

Create a trivia game with questions related to the company, industry, and team members. This not only entertains but also educates employees about their workplace.

Desk Decorating Contest

Give teams a theme and a limited time to decorate their desks. Award prizes for creativity and originality. This activity allows for creativity and team collaboration.


Play a game of charades with work-related terms or popular movies and books. This lively game encourages communication and teamwork.

4. Corporate Team Building Activities

For a more structured approach, these corporate team building activities are perfect for large groups and formal settings.

Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt around the office or at an off-site location. Provide teams with a list of items to find or tasks to complete, encouraging exploration and teamwork.

Escape Room

Take your team to an escape room where they must work together to solve puzzles and escape within a set time. This activity promotes problem-solving and collaboration under pressure.

Workshop or Seminar

Host a workshop or seminar on a relevant topic, followed by group activities that reinforce the learned concepts. This is an excellent way to combine learning with team building.

Live Onsite Printing

For a unique and memorable team-building activity at your corporate event, consider Partyinkers’ live-customized printing services, which recently enhanced creativity, collaboration, and team spirit during Roche’s internal seminar, leaving participants with personalized keepsakes and lasting impressions.

5. Team Bonding Activities for Small Groups

These activities are ideal for small teams, helping them bond and improve their working relationships.

Book Club

Start a book club where team members read and discuss a book related to personal development or the industry. This encourages intellectual growth and camaraderie.

Cooking Class

Enroll the team in a cooking class where they can learn to prepare a meal together. This hands-on activity fosters collaboration and fun outside the usual work environment.

Volunteer Together

Plan a volunteer day where the team can give back to the community. Working together on a charitable cause strengthens team bonds and provides a sense of shared purpose.


Incorporating team building activities into your routine can significantly enhance team dynamics and productivity. Whether you’re looking for simple and effective team building activities, quick team building activities, or corporate team building activities, there’s something here for every team. By regularly engaging in these activities, you’ll create a more cohesive, motivated, and happy team.

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20 Creative Corporate Event Ideas for 2024

Corporate events are an essential part of fostering team spirit, celebrating achievements, and enhancing company culture. As we move into 2024, it’s time to explore fresh and innovative ideas to make your corporate events memorable. Here are 20 creative corporate event ideas that will impress your attendees and leave a lasting impact.

1. Interactive Workshops

Interactive workshops are an excellent way to engage employees in hands-on learning experiences. From cooking classes to DIY crafts, these workshops encourage creativity and teamwork. Consider inviting industry experts to lead sessions relevant to your team’s interests and skills.

2. Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality (VR) is revolutionizing the way we experience events. Create immersive experiences by incorporating VR into your corporate events. From virtual team-building activities to virtual travel experiences, VR can transport your team to new worlds without leaving the venue.

3. Live Digital Printing Stations

Add a personal touch to your corporate event with live digital printing stations. Attendees can design custom products using their smartphones via the Partyinkers app and receive their personalized items within minutes. This interactive activity is perfect for creating memorable keepsakes.

4. Themed Gala Dinners

Elevate your corporate event with a themed gala dinner. Choose a unique theme, such as a masquerade ball, Great Gatsby, or Hollywood glamour, and encourage attendees to dress accordingly. Themed decorations, music, and entertainment will create an unforgettable atmosphere.

5. Outdoor Adventure Activities

Take your corporate team building to the great outdoors with adventure activities like hiking, zip-lining, or rock climbing. These activities promote teamwork, boost morale, and provide a refreshing break from the office environment.

6. Escape Room Challenges

Escape rooms are a popular choice for corporate team building. These challenges require participants to work together to solve puzzles and escape within a set time. Escape rooms foster collaboration, problem-solving, and effective communication.

7. Live Embroidery Stations

Introduce a unique and interactive element to your event with live embroidery stations. Attendees can customize items with their names or icons, creating personalized souvenirs. This activity adds a fun and creative twist to your corporate event.

8. Corporate Retreats

Plan a corporate retreat to a scenic location where employees can relax and recharge. Incorporate team-building activities, workshops, and leisure time to create a balanced and rejuvenating experience.

9. Charity Events

Host a charity event to give back to the community while fostering team spirit. Organize a charity run, auction, or volunteer day, allowing employees to bond over a shared cause and make a positive impact.

10. Pop-Up Food Markets

Bring the excitement of a food market to your corporate event with pop-up food stalls offering a variety of cuisines. This interactive dining experience allows attendees to sample different foods and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere.

11. Game Tournaments

Host a game tournament featuring popular board games, video games, or trivia contests. Friendly competition and team-based games can enhance camaraderie and provide a fun and engaging experience.

12. Wellness Workshops

Promote health and well-being with wellness workshops at your corporate event. Offer sessions on yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, and stress management to help employees adopt healthier lifestyles.

13. Art and Wine Evenings

Combine creativity and relaxation with an art and wine evening. Provide art supplies and guided painting sessions while attendees enjoy a selection of wines. This activity encourages creativity and provides a relaxed, social atmosphere.

14. Innovative Keynote Speakers

Invite innovative keynote speakers to share their insights and experiences. Choose speakers who can inspire and motivate your team with topics relevant to your industry and company goals.

15. Augmented Reality (AR) Activities

Incorporate augmented reality (AR) into your event to create interactive and engaging experiences. Use AR for scavenger hunts, interactive displays, or product demonstrations, adding a tech-savvy twist to your event.

16. Team Building Sports Events

Organize a sports day with team-based activities such as soccer, relay races, or tug-of-war. Sports events promote physical activity, teamwork, and friendly competition, enhancing team cohesion.

17. Cultural Festivals

Celebrate diversity and inclusion with a cultural festival. Highlight different cultures through food, music, dance, and art, allowing employees to learn and appreciate each other’s backgrounds.

18. Innovative Product Launches

Create buzz around your new products with innovative launch events. Use multimedia presentations, interactive displays, and live demonstrations to showcase your products in an engaging and memorable way.

19. Interactive Photo Booths

Set up interactive photo booths with fun props and backdrops. Attendees can take memorable photos and share them on social media, increasing event visibility and engagement.

20. Sustainability-Focused Events

Host a sustainability-focused event to promote eco-friendly practices. Incorporate activities such as tree planting, recycling workshops, and discussions on sustainability, aligning your event with environmental values.


Incorporating these creative corporate event ideas will help you plan memorable and impactful events in 2024. By engaging your team with unique activities and experiences, you’ll foster a positive company culture and create lasting memories. Whether it’s interactive workshops, live digital printing, or outdoor adventures, there’s an idea here for every corporate event planner.

Ready to make your next corporate event unforgettable? Contact Partyinkers today to learn more about our live digital printing and live embroidery services. Let’s create memorable experiences together!

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Top 5 Creative Family Bonding Activity Ideas

Family Bonding Activities and time is essential for developing a great relationship with your children. This also helps with their overall wellbeing and growth. Wish to forge fabulous relationships with your children? Then get involved in their daily lives. By doing these Family Bonding Activities Ideas, you can create closeness among the members of the family without much effort or time. You don’t even have to leave your house to do this.

Let’s have a look at some of the Creative Family Bonding Activities Ideas :

1. Doing Crafts Together as a Family

With the option to design a product that each individual likes, they can choose from a wide array of clipart, templates, colours and many more that can be printed instantly. It will definitely be an Awesome opportunity when both the adult and kids can do it together digitally. Partyinkers Live Digital Print is able to offer instant prints on any product of your choice at your event, there isn’t any better way to engage families!

2. Cooking Together

Baking cupcakes and making Pizzas are a fun way to get the whole family together. In addition to getting quality time together, you also help your kid to learn some skills. When they are small, start with easy recipes, and as they grow older, help them to try new recipes.

3. Built Family Garden

Do you have a window sill full of planting pots or a vast backyard that needs to get filled? Get started! Encourage your kids to plan and groom the entire backyard to create a mini family garden. This will serve as great bonding time and Family Bonding Activity Idea with your children. You get to spend time together, experience the joy of gathering products for your kitchen, a great opportunity to teach and learn, and much more.

4. Make Photo-books and Scrapbooks

This is the best way to complement your family’s vacations and traditions. You get to put together those beautiful moments you cherish as one of Family Bonding Activities Ideas. When your children are old enough, you can create a unique photo book together, which would be a great bonding time.

5. Sharing Hobbies

Look out for hobbies that you can do along with your little ones. You can start collecting stuff like coins, stamps, rocks, shells, diecast cars, sports collections and get them involved as well. You can also get them to do fun activities such as photography, metal detecting, painting, model making, or even cooking. Figure out something that would interest you all and help you to learn together.

Wrap Up

Go ahead and spend quality time with your family members using these creative Family Bonding Activities ideas. The time and effort you take to have fun with them will be forever treasured as great memories.


Partyinkers Live Digital Print:

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Top 5 Interactive ideas for Outdoor Corporate Team Building Games

Outdoor Corporate Team Building is one important factor in the Corporate Team cohesion. Ken Blanchard once quoted in his famous book ‘The One Minute Manager’ – None of us is as smart as all of usSimple words that carry a lot of weightage to think on. 

Teamwork is an essential part of Corporate management and has held the center stage with employee-focused initiatives to keep them happy and offer a break from daily mundane activities.

The most obvious reasons for doing Outdoor Corporate Team Building Event include:

  • Promotion of cooperative and motivated work culture
  • Agility problem solving 
  • Meaningful and responsive communication
  • Enhance work productivity
  • Boost employee morale

Here are 5 easy ways for your Outdoor Corporate Team Building:


It is a simple game that can get those grey cells of yours up and running. It’s a game of lateral thinking and not to mention immense planning that promotes innovative problem-solving. The team member can don the character of the farmer who returns home with his three purchases, which includes a dog, some rice, and a chicken. The scenario given says that the farmer needs to cross a river on a boat and can’t leave either of them together because otherwise, the dog could devour the chicken or the chicken could finish the grains.

Team members can collaborate and find out a better way to get the farmer to return home safe with these three purchases.

Escape Room

This exercise can make your employees work in coordination with each other to get the key and escape a room filled with challenges. With an assortment of obstacles that are both a pain but yet fun, an engaging environment, and an urgency to beat the ticking clock, your team has no other option, but to think alike and reach a solution together.

Fun along with brain works.

Scavenger Hunt

The particular game can get as goofy as you want. All you need is a pen and a paper and list of tasks assigned to each team member to be completed within a given time. The entire team needs to have good communication amongst each other to get the task completed. This team-building exercise can help break office cliques by encouraging employees to work with each other in every situation to get to a solution.

The Minefield

This is one of the exercises that not only promotes team building but also instilling trust in each other in the process. It is a perfect example of an outdoor team building game as it requires an open space for the obstacles to be placed. One of the team members must be blindfolded and asked to walk through the challenges without stepping on any of them. Another team member should be guiding them with their verbal instruction for their next step.

The Live Customization Booth

This is one activity that will definitely excite everybody in the team as your Outdoor Corporate Team Building. The Live Design and Print Customization Booth allows members to digitally customize with a whole range of specially curated for each event. Teams can come together to create a Masterpiece and this will be a great opportunity to create a deeper bond with a memorable experience. The Team members are able to take home these awesome masterpieces they have created as a team, on products that they have chosen to customize on.

Team Building is an integral part of every company to yield better results. Every company tries its best to engage its employees in team building activities to make sure that members receive a boost while working.


Importance of Corporate Team Building:

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Top 5 Personalized Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gift Ideas will never go wrong! Ever thought of giving out gifts to your employees, executives, or clients during cooperate events or gatherings? These are great opportunities and benefits that you can utilize and earn to show appreciation for what they have contributed to your company.

Consider unique Corporate Gift Ideas as they are effective methods used for strengthening relationships with your clients and employees. It will also make them feel extra special. Be it any corporate event; a great employer always finds ways to motivate his team. Professionals always tend to use items associated with laptops and computers.

Here we have come up with some great Corporate Gift Ideas. Let’s have a look!


Professionals mostly use it as they have to keep transferring data and carry it with them always. You will find different types of flash drives in the market. Some are lightweight, whereas others have a great appeal. Some consist of metallic finishing, while some are from wood. You will also find them in different shapes and sizes that look like wristbands, diaries, visiting cards, and so on. Choose based on storage capacity and personalize it!

Quality Leather Notebooks

Notebooks have become an essential item for daily everybody both their personal and work life. Despite technological convenience, many individuals still chose to keep a notebook at their side, for important and quick notes taking. This will be one of the excellent choices for corporate gifts! Allow live customization by your guests with your brand logo and other fancy designs on their chosen products with Partyinkers Live Design Print! Otherwise, to keep in mind the social distancing measures, give Partyinkers Virtual Event Printing a try at the convenience of your guest’s homes.

Power Banks

These are great options for charging your smart gadgets such as iPad, mobile, and laptop. With various capacities, sizes, prices, and shapes, it makes a great gift option for your customers.

Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

An Eco-Friendly Tote Bag will definitely be a good choice! Give your guests the freedom to enjoy the process of designing an Eco-Friendly Tote Bag with designs, their own creativity, and most importantly, you can put your branding to let your guests be your walking billboard!

Aluminum Bottles

Not interested in going for technological or digital items? Then opt for things that range from useful Bottles, Aluminium Flask Bottles, Thermal Bottles and etc. These accessories are useful for both professional and personal use. You can also customize it with your brand logo to give it a personal tint. This would work great for your clients, customers, or employees.

Giving away the right corporate gifts will keep your team, your guests motivated and excited at your event. Applying the utmost care and effort to show recognition and appreciation to your guests will be well rewarded. Get your hands on these Corporate Personalized Gift Ideas now!


Importance of Corporate Gifting:

Live Design Print:

Virtual Event Printing:

Innovative virtual event ideas and activities for a successful online conference

The Year 2020 is a moment of change. All the events you’ve been working hard on for months has been cancelled. What was once used for events are no longer viable! It will be many months before live conferences or exhibitions are allowed again. Virtual conference & Online Meetings are now the new norms and Partyinkers are constantly finding exciting virtual event ideas and activities to make them fun and engaging like a live event.

Partyinkers present Virtual Event Printing!

Partyinkers’s online app allows guests to customize items for your virtual conference event from the comfort of their living room. Work with our experienced team to develop and build your very own mobile customization app, and take your conference or event from the convention floor straight to the people.

Are you planning ahead some virtual event ideas and activities for your team to revive the lost energy and dynamism during these tough times? Do you want to make them feel like a team again, and feel connected with their organization?

But, you no longer want to give them the old fashioned “Stay Home, Stay Safe” t-shirt or business logo printed mugs the way every other business is doing. Don’t let Covid-19 make your online meetings dull and boring. Make them fun and delightful than ever before.

Let your colleagues, guests, and audiences creatively design their gift t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, and bottles and have them delivered to their doorsteps in 7 days!

1. Hello to the New, Innovative Virtual Event Idea – Virtual Event Printing

Hosting an event online with your team, and want to boost team energy and confidence in every one of them with a unique corporate gift?

Mass printed t-shirts, bottles, and gift packs are too dull and way overdue. It’s time to bring in Customization to make your event outstanding.

You can make your entire team feel connected and be amazed by offering something out of the ordinary. PartyInkers has the perfect virtual event idea to spice up your online events and make them entertaining and interactive: Partyinkers Virtual Event Printing Service. Show your Team that you care!

2. Affordable Service Within Your Reach

Our Virtual Event Printing service is super affordable because there are no overhead costs that could surge the price. The whole process is done remotely and online. Plus, you are in complete control of offered gifts per person and the investment you want to make for your business.

3. Interactive Virtual Event Activity

Simply give your guests the designated web link, allow them to design their gifts, and confirm their order from their computer or our mobile app. Your guests have complete freedom to create their products in any way they want. All verified orders are printed and shipped to the desired address in just 7 days!

4. Exciting Designs and Templates All Ready

What could be more fun and exciting than your whole team using their creativity to design the best gift from your company? You can invite everyone in your organization, your colleagues, clients, and vendors to participate and impress everyone else with their unique design. There is a wide variety of themes, designs and awesome templates that are extremely irresistible! Virtual Events Printing that leaves an unforgettable impression on everyone.

5. Dedicated Team For You

Our Virtual Event Printing service is booked for your event for the entire week, totally dedicated to you. We make sure everything is working flawlessly for everyone in your guest list; all confirmed orders are printed and shipped within 1 week.

PartyInkers know how to keep the online party going. We know how to make everyone in your business network feel connected and closely bonded when the whole world is in chaos.

6. Home Delivery or Office Delivery!

We are here to maximize the experience of your virtual events during social lockdowns worldwide. In exchange for a minimal fee, we are willing to go the extra mile to boost the impact of your events by home, delivering all the personalized gifts. You can then ask your guests to take a selfie of them using that gift, send them to you to share on social media. Wouldn’t that be awesome!

7. Social distancing does not mean you have to disconnect from everyone and everything in the world, right!

Our Virtual Event Printing is a unique virtual event idea where all of your guests can participate in creating the most authentic gift designs possible.

Give Your Guests the Freedom to Design Their Participation Gift and They Will Fall In Love With Your Business Forever!

8. Why Virtual Event Printing with Partyinkers?

  • We are Asia’s leading offsite event printing service and the first service in Singapore to offer live offsite printing.
  • Your guests and participants have the entire week to design their unique gifts. No one has to wait in long queues or hastily create their event souvenir.
  • Everything is online and mobile. Your guests can either use the provided web-link to create their custom order or use the app to select their gift.
  • We offer you more product choices for a virtual event. You can offer t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, notebooks, or even aluminium flask bottles to your guests. Even these items are customizable.
  • Our online design library is filled with tons of graphics, templates, design ideas, and clipart for every occasion.

Our Goal Is To Make Your Virtual Events Experience As Amazing And As Phenomenal As Possible For Everyone.

Booking your Event with Partyinkers:

  1. Inform us of your virtual event dates, subject to availability.
  2. Once the dates are reserved, choose from a list, the gifts you want to offer and the number of gifts to present to your guests.
  3. We create a dedicated order web-link just for your business. We will be creating a unique OTP that you can pass on to the selected group of guests.
  4. Your guests can use that web-link to log in, select the gift, design it to their preference, and place the order.
  5. We will start printing once the 7 days Virtual Event Printing activation has ended.
  6. All the printing is done and dispatched within 7 days of final approval.

With Partyinkers Virtual Event Printing, There Is No Design Limit.

For the week we are booked with you, your guests can design and print as much as they want. We are the only Virtual Event Printing Service that offers unlimited designing and printing. Let your creative ideas flow and try as many wild ideas you can think of with the specially curated Templates, Clip Arts available exclusively for every event.

The more you order and print, the cheaper it gets. You are in complete control of everything printed during your event.


When most of your team is still working from home, in pyjamas, and sweatshirts, it can be tough to keep the productivity high. Eventually, even people at key positions start taking things casually because everything is “locked down.” This is when Virtual Event Ideas such as Virtual Event Printing do the magic and boost the productivity of your team again.

Getting your entire team back in action, engage with colleagues, clients, and vendors with a whole new level of positive energy will help sustain growth and success.

Virtual event is a great way to achieve your re-connecting goals while maintaining in-person social distancing. Having PartyInkers as part of your online event makes it more appealing and thrilling for everyone. At a fraction of the cost of hosting a live event, you get tons of more engagement and activity in your organization. You can use that saved money to create more engaging events for your team!

Once we have the confirmation of the Virtual Events Printing order, we will take everything from there. Don’t get stuck in tedious work from home conferences again. Make your events incredible for everyone.

Meanwhile, you can check out the fringe activities that we offer – Live Digital Printing, Onsite Screen Printing & Live Embroidery

Be sure to check out our Instagram @partyinkers to view our event portfolio.

Are you hosting your Virtual Events soon? Ready to spice up your event? 

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Use the Online quotation form below to let us know about your event. 

Top 6 Interesting Fringe Activities for Product Launch Event

Product Launch Event is a trend! Product launch events serve the purpose of introducing the product in front of the potential stakeholders and also the would-be clients.

Singapore is a fast-growing business hub, and often the company owners choose it to be the place for their Product Launch Event. The city has some of the best things to offer when a product launch is considered.

The market is bored with regular promotional events to create some of the most viral corporate launches.

The ultimate purpose is to raise brand recognition and drive sales. Product Launch Event is great for increasing consumer awareness.

Would you love to try out fresh, crazy, and wild ideas to add a zing to your corporate product launch? This article will help you to understand how you can arrange an all-encompassing event to launch your product. These ideas will not only help in a successful product launch event but also keep the guests glued to it.

1. Bringing Guest speakers

Introducing guest speakers is a great way to keep the audience interested. As in the case of TEDx, organizers invite guest speakers to speak on a topic of their choice for a short duration. It keeps the guests entertained and can also be used to pass across essential messages in the disguise of entertainment.    

2. Performing Artist or Magician Artist

Inviting a performing artist to perform for a short duration, helps in gaining traction, and draws more attention to the event. The guests would be more interested when their favorite artists perform at the event. As a result, it is a handy tool for brands and can be used to add to the success of their launch.

3.Trivia Game with Product as the Prize

Conducting trivia games and quizzes with the product to be launched as the prize for the winners. This helps generate added interest to the product in focus and draws attention to the brand in general.

4. Pictionary

This is the perfect ice-breaker session and promotes team building activities among event attenders. Timing the events adds to the entertainment and also ensures the events take place within a specific time frame.

5. DIY Workshops

DIY Workshops can help create a lasting impression on attendees of the event. Teaching easy tasks adds to the experience of the audience in presence. Allowing them to have interaction with other guests and have more connection with the newly launched products.

6. Personalized Gifts

Offering customized products to guests gives them a sense of importance and personalization. Some examples may include simple name-printed customized bags or mugs and also helps in expanding the reach of the event. It works wonders and increases the recall value of an event.  Partyinkers offer Live Design Printing to allow you to have an experience of customizing Live at your Product Launch Events to bring you unique take-home gifts for your guests.

So, there you go! Conducting any of the fringe activities mentioned above will guarantee a successful product launch, with a successful customer outreach without compromising on customer experience. Here’s wishing you a successful product launch event!


Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events:

Partinkers Live Design Print:

Product Launch Event:

Top 8 Activity Ideas for Family Bonding Activities

Family Bonding Activities is the most important! The whole world is bearing the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the countries are facing lockdowns and schools, colleges, and offices that have closed down. While some are being affected on severe levels, some other busy people are thanking their luck for getting some quality time to spend with their families. Though a deadly disease as this is not a good pretext of enjoying family life, people are indeed getting some time to relax.

In this long lockdown period, keeping children busy, is another essential thing, parents are dealing with. Family bonding activities are great for engaging them, also. Parents are desperately looking for activities to ensure that much fortune is not spent while helping them to stay active. 

Without further ado, let’s get into some promising Family Bonding Activities ideas:

Tracing a Family Tree

It’s again time to put up a family free by going through older photos. Oh wait, don’t use the images, instead get a color photocopy of them and cut them to paste.

Explore the Environment; Gardening

We live in a ​beautiful environment with several beautiful plants, flowers, and gardening of herbs and vegetables you can do​ all-around in Singapore. Analyze those tiny living creatures accompanying these plants too. Let your family learn the importance of gardening, the beauty of the Green World.


Children love to play. Isn’t it? Do something that they love playing, and you can ​ spend holidays magnificently. There are plenty of indoor gaming options that let us have a gala time for Family Bonding Activities. It’s time to take out your board games, craft materials.

Bake a Cake Together

Get ready to clean up the mess after everything is done. So, get baking and prepare everything you need. Bake something your kids and other family members love so that they know the secret of fulfilling their bellies. You can refer to some amazing cake baking recipes.​  

Sitting Down for a Meal Together

Well, this may seem quite a cliché job, but I can bet many of you have not done them in a while, due to lack of time. Enjoy your dinner while having enjoyable chit chats. This has got to be one of the Must-Dos in Family Bonding Activities.

Movie Night

These are the days of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Why not catch up with a good movie or series together? Make some popcorn or snacks and spend some quality time together. You can never go wrong with these cute animation movies or series that have these super dramatic visuals that will keep your little ones entertained for a good few hours.

Being Creative Together

This is an exciting way of spending some time together. Every member of the family can get all the equipment, materials they need to do customization. It will be a beautiful thing to gift your loved ones something they are able to use daily. It’s all about technology these days, try creating a unique masterpiece with a touch of technology and get your items customized with just a few clicks! These interesting fringe activities can be done virtually. Take home these awesome customized items home and give your loved ones a big surprise!

Simply Chatting

Well, is it mandatory to do something while enjoying Family Bonding Activities? No, you can have a family circle time and share your thoughts or talk nonsense!

Family time is fruitful, only when every member is a participant, and when everyone loves it. The main focus should be to spend some time together!


Family Meal:

Fringe Activities:

Gardening of Herbs:

List of Netflix Family Shows:

Top 5 Popular Corporate Dinner and Dance Themes

Corporate Dinner and Dance is a must! It’s not every day that we get to laugh out our lungs with our colleagues or meet them without being hidden under a ton of work files. These people, our colleagues are the ones with whom we spent almost half of our living years yet rarely get close enough to talk.

Get inspired by these awesome hacks you can try at your Corporate Dinner and Dance Event! Corporate Dinner and Dance Events are a way we get to know each other in a less rigid environment. Of course, a party can never go without some Awesome Fringe Activities that can keep the level of engagement all-time high!

Here are 5 creative Corporate Dinner and Dance that can be used for any setting: 

Classic Summer Bbq

This theme lets the employees loosen up a bit with each other and ditch the formal attires for a day. It can be enjoyed outside, which gives a breathing space to all. This kind of setting can relax the employees, make them enjoy more, and help them network across the company. Offer your employees a whole new concept of a Corporate Dinner and Dance!

Even with simple outdoor activities or fun games can help employees connect on a whole new level.

Carnival Themed

Carnivals are favorite of all, and if that means you get to get out of a formal setting and enjoy a merry-go-round with the person from the adjacent cubicle at the office, it’s a win-win. 

The performances, activities, and out of the box décor can turn this theme into an ideal yet extraordinary corporate event.

Carnival Foods are always about burgers, fries, pancakes, and a lot of candy, but if you would want a little twist with sophisticated foods, you can opt for upscaled traditional cuisines to go with.

Decade Dance

This theme can quirk up the high school feels for your employees. It’s almost like dressing from an era except you get to choose the decade you want to belong from. Why put a specific decade when we can have it all together!

This theme shouts to ‘go crazy’ with the décor and the setting. As this theme incorporates a mixture of times, you can go ‘ga-ga’ on the food too! Just mix and match with each era food, and you have all in one. The ideal activity could be just breaking the legs on decade songs all night.

One From The Movies

This theme, as the name suggests, incorporates characters from any movie that you may have binge-watched over time. You could dress up as your favorite stars from the movie, maybe even find the other half in the corporate crowd, and swing with the music all night long.

Inter-Galactic Themed Party

Well, this theme is just out of the universe! A peek into the future or only visits from the outer stars; this corporate theme could be fun and geeky! The setting could be made by using neon lights for a more galactic-feeling!


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Top 5 Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Unique Gift Ideas that Parents will love! Parents hold a special place in our hearts. They go through the worst to give us the most and toil their whole life to protect us. They are our very own sun, lending power and light to make us shine brighter. 

As a parent, they ensure that we get all the best things in life, as soon as we step out into this world. Even as we go grow up, they stand as our pillar for each life decision we make. With time we tend to show them our love and affection through our acts, our gifts. And what better than to make that smile on their face wider than planning a Mother’s Day/Father’s Day.

10th of every May and 21st of every June, we celebrate Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, respectively, and what could be the best possible answer other than personalized gifts! However, we all know mothers tend to be more particular in their gifts…

A Few Unique Gift Ideas to Help You Get the Right One for Them!

1. Personalized Jewellery

It’s a lovely necklace for your mother or a handsome bracelet for your dear father, Personalized Jewellery can always surprise and spread the warmth of affection. It could be something that reminded of fond memories or just their name and your love on it—an easy yet beautiful and Unique Gift Ideas for your beloved parents.

2. Handwritten Notes

Even though it’s a different era and people have forgotten how to express in words; this could be another finest gifting idea for your parents. Handwritten Notes on how much they mean to you could touch the heart.  

3. A Family Photograph

A photograph immortalizes a memory. A Family Album or just a Family Photograph framed could be a reminder of the times spent together. This could be a Unique Gift Ideas for any of them. It’s all about showing the affection to those who have helped you through each crack hole of life.

4. Plants

Plants are believed to draw in positivity and good vibes to your home. But what better gift to give those positive people in your life other than the positivity of nature. Be it those lovely succulent assortments or a fancy flower tree for the terrace garden that they have grown with care; plants can make up for an ideal gift to a reminder of your love for them.

5. Create Unique Presents

You can never go wrong with an option of Customizing a variety of products with Cool and Cute Design Clip arts! Offer your parents a wide variety of items from Tote Bags, T-Shirts, Quality Aluminium Bottles and many more!

When it comes to showing your love and gratefulness to your parents, any gift from the heart could do the magic. It could be anything from a hearty meal to an extravagant vacation, never fail to make your parents feel valued. Their laughter for good acts as your remedy too. 

It’s all about putting yourself out there for them to be happy and feel loved. After all, life is a mirror, and you get back from your children what you show.


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