DP World Tour 2024

Step into the world of luxury and sportsmanship with Partyinkers at the prestigious 2024 PORSCHE Singapore Classic, an event that marks the start of the DP World Tour’s “Asian Swing”. Against the breathtaking backdrop of Singapore, witness golfing excellence like never before.

We are proud to be the exclusive live embroidery partner for the DP World Tour, providing a bespoke experience for attendees over all four days of this grand event. Picture this: as you walk in, choose from an array of caps, t-shirts, and bags. With three elegant fonts and four vibrant thread colors at your disposal, personalize your gear with your name or initials (up to nine characters) in just minutes!

Imagine leaving with a unique souvenir, crafted right before your eyes. These personalized items not only serve as lasting mementos of the event but also leave a lasting impression, capturing the spirit of golfing excitement and Singapore’s dynamic energy.

Looking to elevate your corporate event? Let Partyinkers weave magic with live embroidery, adding that extra touch of exclusivity and personalization. Reach out to us and make your next event an unforgettable experience!

Palo Alto | Ignite on Tour 2024

Experience the excitement of Ignite on Tour 2024 in Singapore, where Palo Alto Network’s cutting-edge cybersecurity event met Partyinkers’ live t-shirt printing! Our collaboration brought over 250 personalized t-shirts to attendees, showcasing our interactive approach and dedication to enhancing event experiences.

At Ignite on Tour, top cybersecurity leaders, influencers, and practitioners united for a day of inspiration, strategy, and networking. Guests could redeem their exclusive t-shirt by simply registering and providing feedback, choosing from 10 specially crafted designs to be printed on the spot. The response was phenomenal, with all shirts claimed within hours!

Why choose Partyinkers for your next workshop?

We don’t just print shirts; we create memorable interactions and gather valuable feedback. Our live printing booth engages attendees, encouraging them to participate in custom merchandise creation while ensuring event organizers receive insightful feedback.

Let us elevate your next event with personalized printing and interactive experiences. The possibilities are endless—reach out to Partyinkers today!


In August, Partyinkers had the incredible honor of being featured at the prestigious Manulife FA Awards night 2023. Our exclusive collaboration allowed attendees to unleash their creativity by designing custom T-shirts provided by Partyinkers. The array of cliparts tailored to the vibrant theme of Spain enabled participants to craft truly unique shirts, infusing their individuality into the essence of Spanish flair.

Not only did attendees have access to a plethora of themed cliparts, but they could also weave their creative narratives by adding personalized text to their shirts, elevating the artistic expression. At Partyinkers, we are dedicated to providing a lively and interactive experience, ensuring that every moment is filled with excitement.

Amidst the spectacular atmosphere of the Manulife event night, our live-printing booth emerged as a crowd favorite, offering a dynamic and engaging space for our enthusiastic attendees. While other booths, including photo booths, added to the event’s charm, Partyinkers’ live-printing booth stood out as a must-visit attraction.

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Circle of Champion

Looking to add a touch of excitement to your corporate event? Partyinkers has got you covered! We were thrilled to bring the element of fun to the Circle of Champions rewards dinner, honoring outstanding financial advisors. Our live T-shirt printing experience made the night truly special.

Embracing the Taiwan-based theme, we let participants unleash their creativity by designing their own unique T-shirts. With a wide selection of Taiwanese clipart, they had endless options to incorporate iconic symbols, landmarks, and cultural motifs into their designs. The result? Attendees proudly rocking their personalized tees, expressing their individuality and fostering networking opportunities filled with laughter and fun

If you’re planning your next Dinner & Dance event, let Partyinkers elevate the experience and create unforgettable memories for your guests. Let’s bring the magic of live printing to your next event and make it an extraordinary affair!

Citi Macau

Elevate your corporate events with Partyinkers, the International Live Printing Brand that never ceases to deliver unparalleled live-printing experiences. From local gatherings to global affairs, Partyinkers is on a relentless journey to redefine corporate events.
In November, Citi hosted the monumental 2023 China Investor Conference in Macau, and Partyinkers was honored to be the exclusive provider of overseas live-printing activations. This marked our return to international events since the pandemic, building on years of successful collaboration with Citi.
The conference witnessed record-breaking participation with over 1000 investors from around the world, alongside 300 corporate clients of Citi’s markets and corporate banking division. As a testament to our dedication, Partyinkers meticulously prepared for this event, shipping all equipment and sending our professional event coordinator in advance to ensure seamless execution.
For this exclusive occasion, Partyinkers brought creativity to life with three customized items for attendees: notebooks, t-shirts, and special safety vests from Citi. Attendees had the option to personalize their items by choosing patterns and text from our extensive library or opting for embroidery on the safety vests with their name, preferred icon, and color.
Our custom items served as unique door gifts, creating lasting memories for attendees who traveled from across the globe. Partyinkers not only entertained and engaged participants but also added a vibrant and interactive element to the conference, enhancing the overall experience. In just two days, we produced over 1000 customized items, leaving attendees delighted and some even using their personalized items on the spot.


Looking to make your seminar event truly memorable? Look no further!

Partyinkers had the amazing opportunity to participate in a recent seminar with a booth that offered live printing services. The event, titled “Be a Digital Frontline,” was organised by Microsoft to introduce their innovative new software for SCDF. Spanning three days, attendees were treated to the exclusive experience of having their names or initials printed on polo t-shirts instantly at our booth.

Partyinkers brought an extra element of excitement to the seminar, injecting a fresh and captivating atmosphere. We aimed to engage attendees, ensuring they had a unique keepsake to cherish long after the event. The feedback from the attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, with their satisfaction evident in every interaction.

If you’re looking to add that special touch to your future seminars, Partyinkers is the go-to choice. Come to us for similar top-notch printing services and make your event truly unforgettable.