Ted Baker

Introducing live-embroidery activities : The Ultimate Way to Create Buzz and Excitement

Recently, Partyinkers had the incredible honor of joining forces with Ted Baker for their grand new branch launch at Paragon. We brought the magic of live-embroidery right to the event, leaving customers in awe!

 Our mission was crystal clear: to amplify excitement, engage attendees, and entice them to grab their favorite items! The result? A thrilling and interactive entertainment experience that had everyone on their toes.

Picture this: Ted Baker’s esteemed members, tantalizing food, refreshing beverages, and a whole lot of embroidery fun! And here’s the cherry on top: every purchase made during the event earned customers a chance to personalise a luxurious towel with their very own name or initials!

 Are you craving that special touch at your next event? Look no further! Partyinkers is your go-to for exceptional embroidery activities that will make your occasion truly unforgettable. 📲