Partyinkers team had an unforgettable night with DBS in November 2023 at their dazzling Dance and Dinner Night, themed around the brilliant stars awards. Every attendee took center stage, dressed as the best characters for this star-studded affair!

Adding a touch of magic to the evening, Partyinkers introduced a special on-site service that allowed attendees to grab a customized thermal flask right from our booth! Embracing the movie stars award theme, all the cliparts provided for the day perfectly complemented the glamorous atmosphere.

At Partyinkers, we’re dedicated to heightening the excitement and engagement of your events, offering interactive entertainment that leaves a lasting impression. Each attendee walked away with a unique souvenir, and the response was overwhelming – all 120 thermal flasks were fully redeemed within the first hour!

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Fullerton Health

Experience the Extraordinary with Partyinkers

Previously, Partyinkers took corporate celebrations to the next level at Fullerton Health’s New Office Launching! Our live-thermal flask printing service wowed everyone at Just Co in Marina Square. As a healthcare service provider, Fullerton Health’s event was all about promoting well-being, including the exciting launch of juice bikes.

Our customized Thermal Flasks were the ultimate reward for Fullerton Health’s incredible staff and the perfect gift to celebrate their new office. Plus, they doubled as a fantastic way to boost brand awareness, fitting seamlessly with Fullerton Health’s health-focused mission. What’s more? Each employee got to design their own flask, making it truly special and unique.

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