Senoko Energy

 Corporate Highlight: Senoko Energy’s ‘ALOHA’ Dinner & Dance 2023! 

Throwback to August, Partyinkers had the privilege of collaborating with Senoko Energy, a prominent Singaporean electric utility company and retailer, for their spectacular ‘ALOHA’ Dinner and Dance 2023 event. The night was extra special as everyone embraced the ‘Aloha’ theme, and Partyinkers’ custom rope bags perfectly complemented the vibe

Partyinekrs offered attendees access to our extensive clipart library, allowing them to design their very own personalized rope bags. For those seeking inspiration, we provided a selection of stylish templates, making the design process a breeze. Before the main event, Partyinkers set up as one of the entertainment stations, engaging and delighting attendees waiting to enter the dinner ballroom. We aimed to leave a lasting impression, and the turnout was incredible!

With three onsite printing booths, we managed to create 400 unique rope bags in just one unforgettable evening. The excitement was contagious, with queues forming all night as attendees eagerly awaited their turn to craft their one-of-a-kind rope bag.

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