Last December, Omega hosted an exclusive boutique event at MBS, where only VIP guests were granted access! Known as a pinnacle in Swiss luxury, Omega offers an array of watches, sunglasses, leather goods, and accessories, boasting a devoted clientele, all of whom were graciously invited to this year-end soirée! Guests were treated to exquisite catering and a chance to indulge in the luxury experience.

Partyinkers was honored to be part of the occasion, offering live-embroidery services to personalize scarves for each attendee! As a token of appreciation, guests could customize their black wool scarves with their names delicately embroidered, choosing from 2 font types and 3 thread colors for the perfect combination. Once the embroidery was completed, the scarves were elegantly packed and ready for distribution by day’s end.

The live-embroidery booth added an interactive dimension to the event, enhancing guest experience while presenting branding opportunities. Each personalized item carried the company logo or event theme, reinforcing brand identity and visibility. Offering customized souvenirs is a thoughtful gesture that leaves a lasting impression on attendees, elevating the corporate event experience.

Seek out Partyinkers for similar embroidery activities at your next corporate event and elevate it to a truly unforgettable occasion!