Exciting News! Partyinkers is back with another amazing collaboration, this time with Fidelity Singapore! Our interactive booth was the talk of the town at the UBS fund forum held at the prestigious Pan Pacific Hotel.

At this exclusive forum, where top financial companies showcased their products, Partyinkers stood out as Fidelity’s choice for live printing services for personalised ropebags. Over the span of 2 days, our booth churned out a whopping 400 pieces, selling out faster than we could believe! But fear not, we had an extra 100pcs of our signature rope bags ready to ensure no attendee missed out on this exclusive Fidelity treat.

With 3 specially crafted templates to choose from – featuring Global Multi Asset Income, Asia Pacific Dividend Fund, and #Stayinvested themes – attendees got to personalize their giveaways with their names or initials!

In a sea of booths vying for attention, Partyinkers emerged as the ultimate solution for Fidelity to shine bright. Our personalized giveaways not only attracted attendees but also created valuable opportunities for Fidelity representatives to engage with them.

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Partyinkers is thrilled to share our recent collaboration with Grab, the leading super-app for seamless ride-hailing, food delivery, and digital payments on mobile devices. In September, we had the honor of being selected as the exclusive partner for the spectacular Grab Travel Express Event Launch at The Masons Table restaurant.

During the event, we surprised attendees by offering a personalized rope bag, which they get to design on-site and get it within minutes. To enhance the experience of the travel theme, Guest are also given a custom pre-printed luggage tags!

Our collaboration injected an extra dose of excitement and engagement, creating a truly interactive and memorable atmosphere for all attendees.

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Prudential | Strategic HR

Calling all corporate leaders! Partyinkers had the incredible opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking seminar on the most effective HR strategies for the modern workplace in 2023, alongside our esteemed partner JaslyNGroup. The event was welcoming attendees from various industries, all of whom were part of their respective companies’ HR departments. What made our presence truly unique at this event was our Live-Ropebag Printing service exclusively designed for the participants.

As an event partner, JaslyNGroup entrusted us to provide live Ropebag printing for all attendees, with each bag showcasing their distinctive QR code logo. By simply scanning the QR code on their Ropebag, attendees were instantly connected with JaslyNGroup. Furthermore, they had the freedom to personalize their bags according to their own preferences, adding a touch of individuality.

This interactive experience not only delighted the attendees but also served as a powerful tool for brand promotion and awareness, shedding light on the incredible offerings of Prudential corporate insurances. Witnessing the attendees’ satisfaction with their customized Ropebags was truly rewarding for us.

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Elevate your conference experience with Partyinkers, creating an unforgettable and engaging event that captivates corporate customers!

The #AdobeSummitConference was a groundbreaking blend of innovation and personalization, where we took the summit meeting to new heights. Our live printing service for attendees delivered instant gratification, igniting excitement throughout the entire event.

One of the highlights? Our personalized Ropebags, which became cherished souvenirs, etching the #AdobeSummit experience into the hearts of every participant. Imagine guests designing their very own Ropebag, choosing from a stunning collection of graphics collaboratively created by Adobe and renowned artists. They could even add their names and initials for that extra touch of uniqueness!

With Partyinkers’ cutting-edge design app, we redefined distinction at the conference, making it an unparalleled event. Attendees were captivated by the level of personalization we brought to the table, leaving a lasting impression on their minds. The feedback we received from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing sheer delight with the personalized Ropebags they received.

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Last September, Partyinkers had the honor of participating in an exclusive conference hosted by Fidelity International in the vibrant city of Singapore. This remarkable event welcomed only Fidelity’s esteemed clientele, which includes financial intermediaries, institutions like pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, banks, and insurance companies, from across the globe.

What made this occasion truly exceptional was our unique offering – instead of the usual one onsite printing item, we provided attendees with a choice of three: tote bags, rope bags, and customized bottles, each featuring four exclusive designs crafted by Fidelity themselves. Our mission? To enhance guest enjoyment and ensure a lasting positive impression.

Our live-printing booth churned out fantastic personalized keepsakes, making each attendee’s experience memorable. Are you ready to stand out at your next corporate gathering? Look no further than Partyinkers for premium live-printing services that set you apart from the rest.


Where Wanderlust Meets Personalization — Klook X Partyinkers 

In a standout moment this past July, Partyinkers commemorated Klook’s 9th anniversary in style. We brought the magic of live tote bag printing to the exclusive KOL X Klook Kreator dinner bash in Singapore. This soirée featured prominent influencers, all avid ‘Kreators’ who traverse the globe with Klook and generously share their journeys in real time.

Partyinkers took center stage, captivating the event’s attendees with our engaging services. Our curated offerings perfectly aligned with the day’s travel-inspired theme. What better companion for a globetrotter than a bespoke rope bag, designed on the spot?

Every intricate detail, including the themed clipart—dazzlingly Tropical—was thoughtfully prepared. The enthusiasm and joy of each participant as they designed their own bag were palpable. And the elation upon receiving their personally crafted rope bags, printed by Partyinkers on location, was truly heartwarming.

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