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Partyinkers had the incredible opportunity to join forces with Adobe Firefly at the renowned Adobe Make It Singapore event last April. This event, a dynamic blend of seminar and product showcase, illuminated the boundless possibilities of creativity, collaboration, and streamlined workflows powered by Adobe.

Our collaboration with Adobe Firefly, the Free Generative AI for creatives, marked a groundbreaking moment in live printing technology. Attendees were immersed in a unique experience where they could witness the fusion of AI Generator and our Live Printing technology firsthand. Under the guidance of Partyinkers, attendees delved into the realm of creativity by inputting their imaginative prompts into Adobe Firefly. The AI then crafted several choices based on these prompts, allowing attendees to select their favorite artwork to be printed on a totebag using Partyinkers’ systems.

The excitement was palpable as attendees marveled at the seamless integration of technology and art, receiving totebags adorned with their exclusive artworks—a tangible manifestation of their creative vision brought to life. But the surprises didn’t end there! We also curated 150 pre-printed sport aluminum bottles, ensuring that every attendee left with a memorable souvenir from the event.

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Transforming ideas into reality with Partyinkers’ live printing experience!

Partyinkers recently collaborated with the Ministry of Social and Family to celebrate YCVolunteers 2024—an initiative that honors the remarkable contributions of volunteers across different sectors. The event, held at Mediacorp, brought together volunteers who shared their invaluable experiences

As the only interactive station at this exclusive event, attendees had the opportunity to craft their bespoke tote bags at Partyinkers’ creative station. Using an extensive clipart gallery, participants infused their designs with personal flair. What made this experience even more exciting was the design contest revolving around the theme of volunteering. Creations brought to life through Partyinkers’ system were not only memorable but also entered into the contest, adding an element of friendly competition and creativity!

Our tote bags serve as poignant keepsakes, commemorating the event while offering attendees something uniquely meaningful. They provide a tangible reminder of the collective spirit and shared commitment to making a difference. Adding an interactive flair to any gathering, Partyinkers promises to elevate your event with engaging activities that leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Recently, at the prestigious Shangri-La Group Singapore Showcase 2024 themed “Find Your Shangri-La,” held at the exquisite Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, representatives from Shangri-La hotels and resorts worldwide gathered, including those from China, Australia, Thailand, and more. It was our utmost privilege at Partyinkers to provide our live-printing service to all the distinguished attendees of this grand event.

This time, we unveiled our latest innovation, the SMART THERMAL FLASK. Unlike traditional thermal flasks, our Smart Thermal Flask features a new digital display that automatically detects and displays the temperature on its cover screen. Isn’t that incredibly cool and convenience ? Moreover, our curated collection of cliparts, specially prepared by the Partyinkers team, allowed attendees to unleash their creativity in designing their bottles and we will assist to print it on the thermal flask for them within a few minutes!

The response at the Shangri-La 2024 Singapore showcase was phenomenal, with all 400pcs of Smart Thermal Flasks selling out rapidly! At Partyinkers, our mission is clear – to amplify the excitement and engagement of your event, providing interactive entertainment that ensures every attendee has an unforgettable time.

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Elevate your booth from the ordinary to the extraordinary and create unforgettable moments with Partyinkers!

March brought us the iconic Car-Free Sunday 2024, a dynamic collaboration among the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Health Promotion Board, Housing Board, National Parks Board, Sport Singapore, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority. This event, held mid-March, marked a significant return after a four-year hiatus since the last Car-Free Sunday in 2019. We were thrilled to join this prestigious occasion, bringing our live-totebag-printing experience right to the heart of the action!

Our booth featured 7 specially designed templates celebrating the themes of Move Lite and Car-Free Sunday, offering attendees the chance to customize their tote bags with flair. The best part? It was all complimentary! Attendees simply had to scan a QR code, share their thoughts on “Car-Free,” and enter the lucky draw for a chance to win an exclusive customized tote bag from our station. The demand was incredible — even with just a one-third chance of winning, our tote bags flew off the shelves within hours!

Partyinkers is synonymous with elevating events, adding excitement, and fostering interactive engagement. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a community carnival, or any special occasion, we’re here to make it extraordinary. Get in touch with us for your next event, and let’s create magic together!


Elevate your networking night with a touch of creativity and surprise courtesy of Partyinkers!
Picture this: A recent networking event organized by the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Alumni Mentoring Programme , orchestrated by the SIT Advancement & Alumni Division came alive at Level Up@Clarke Quay. This special evening welcomed mentors, mentees, and SITizen Ambassadors, fostering connections and celebrating the vibrant diversity of SITizens.
Amidst the mingling and idea exchanges, Partyinkers stepped in to add a unique twist to the affair. The organizer spiced up the event with Partyinkers’ live notebook printing service, allowing attendees to channel their creativity and walk away with personalized notebooks in hand. With options ranging from Grey, Blue, to Chocolate notebooks, participants could choose their canvas and adorn it with a plethora of clipart options from Partyinkers’ gallery.
Why was this a hit? Because networking is not just about conversations; it’s about creating memorable experiences that spark connections. Partyinkers’ live-printing booth became the hub of interactive engagement, fostering structured opportunities for attendees to bond, share insights, and forge lasting relationships.
The results? Over a hundred personalized notebooks were printed, leaving every participant delighted with their bespoke memento.
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Palo Alto | Ignite on Tour 2024

Experience the excitement of Ignite on Tour 2024 in Singapore, where Palo Alto Network’s cutting-edge cybersecurity event met Partyinkers’ live t-shirt printing! Our collaboration brought over 250 personalized t-shirts to attendees, showcasing our interactive approach and dedication to enhancing event experiences.

At Ignite on Tour, top cybersecurity leaders, influencers, and practitioners united for a day of inspiration, strategy, and networking. Guests could redeem their exclusive t-shirt by simply registering and providing feedback, choosing from 10 specially crafted designs to be printed on the spot. The response was phenomenal, with all shirts claimed within hours!

Why choose Partyinkers for your next workshop?

We don’t just print shirts; we create memorable interactions and gather valuable feedback. Our live printing booth engages attendees, encouraging them to participate in custom merchandise creation while ensuring event organizers receive insightful feedback.

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In March, Skechers unveiled its latest limited edition collection, the Skechers x Vexx series, a fusion of doodling and footwear that epitomizes trendy street style. To celebrate this innovative launch, Skechers hosted an exclusive media event where influencers got an exclusive first look at this grand new series.

At this prestigious event, Partyinkers had the privilege of providing live totebag printing services. What made the day even more special was that Partyinkers’ artworks for designing the totebags were themed around Skechers x Vexx series, incorporating doodling and trendy elements. Attendees were thrilled to use these unique cliparts to create personalized totebags, adding their own flair to the already stylish designs.

Partyinkers’ mission is to keep attendees engaged and delighted, making every event memorable. If you’re planning your next product showcase or corporate event, consider Partyinkers for similar printing services. Unleash the possibilities and make your event unforgettable!


In March, Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Advancement and Alumni Division hosted SIT alumni in the annual highly anticipated Inter-Cluster Games 2024 (ICG 2024) event, and Partyinkers was thrilled to be a part of it! Our live-printing booth was a hit, offering attendees the chance to customize their very own white thermal flasks from our extensive clipart gallery. Whether it was adding their initials, a favorite quote, or a fun design, guests had the creative freedom to make a unique door gift that resonated with them.

Throughout the event, our dedicated team was on-site, ensuring seamless order placement and printing experiences for everyone. We’re proud to share that we produced hundreds of personalized bottles in a single day! At Partyinkers, our mission is to elevate engagement and create lasting memories. Our interactive printing process not only entertained guests but also left them with tangible keepsakes to cherish.

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Exciting news from Partyinkers! We recently had the privilege of being part of Netflix Singapore’s exclusive in-house event, Netflix Cheers! Our live printing booth was a hit among Netflix staff, offering customized notebooks that captured the essence of popular Netflix shows like The Stranger Things and Wednesday.

Not only did our interactive booth attract a crowd, but it also created a buzz of networking opportunities! While waiting for their personalized notebooks, attendees bonded over shared interests and even collaborated on unique designs. The live printing experience encouraged creative expression, allowing individuals to showcase their artistic flair and individuality.

At Partyinkers, we’re all about ensuring a memorable and engaging experience for attendees. Our customized notebooks serve as tangible souvenirs, preserving positive memories of the event and the Netflix brand. In just 3 hours, we produced an impressive 180 personalized notebooks for all attendees!

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Looking for the ultimate interactive booth to elevate your upcoming carnival celebration? Look no further than Partyinkers – your premier solution for unforgettable experiences!

Recently, Partyinkers had the distinct honor of participating in Prudential’s in-house anniversary carnival event, exclusively for internal staff. Every team member was invited to partake in the festivities, and our booth stood proudly as a pivotal checkpoint throughout the day. Attendees flocked to our booth to collect specially-designed tote bags and receive stamps, marking their engagement with our interactive activities.

Amidst a vibrant array of interactive booths, Partyinkers ensured an unparalleled experience for all attendees. With over 800 personalized tote bags meticulously prepared and four standard booths strategically positioned, we were fully equipped to meet our clients’ needs in a single day. Each tote bag featured custom clipart aligned with the event’s theme – Playday Prudential. These unique designs allowed attendees to personalize their tote bags, transforming them into cherished keepsakes that capture the essence of the celebration.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your next carnival experience with Partyinkers’ premium printing services. Unlock endless possibilities and create lasting memories – reach out to us today!