Metaverse x Affyn

Diving into the Metaverse with Partyinkers and Affyn!

We were thrilled to join forces with Affyn, a groundbreaking metaverse project spearheading a Blockchain-based gaming startup. Together, we ventured into the realms of sustainable gaming economies and introduced the magic of live luggage tag printing to their epic event!

Hosted by Affyn, the event, titled ‘Web 3.0 | Art Meets Metaverse,’ was a highlight of the Grand Prix Season Singapore (GPSS), supported by the Singapore Tourism Board to spotlight Singapore as a global hub. It was a fusion of exhibition, talk show, and experiential zones, attracting diverse attendees from all corners of the world to delve into Affyn’s captivating metaverse.

Immersing ourselves in the world of Affyn’s metaverse, we themed our offerings around its charismatic characters: Purffyn, Pigasus, Nessie, Floomph, and Gagamaru! Each attendee had the opportunity to personalize their luggage tag with their name, choosing from these specially crafted templates inspired by Affyn’s universe.

And here’s the best part: attendees could snag these exclusive luggage tags for free! All they had to do was snap a pic at the event, share it on their socials with a specific hashtag, and voila! A unique Partyinkers creation was theirs to keep, serving as a cherished memento of their metaverse adventure.

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The Trade Desk | MICE

Proud Moment Alert! Partyinkers had the incredible honor of being a part of The Trade Desk’s conference and product showcase as the exclusive live-printing station. The Trade Desk™, a cutting-edge technology company, empowers advertising buyers through its self-service, cloud-based platform, allowing them to create, manage, and optimize digital ad campaigns across various formats and devices.

The event was nothing short of amazing! To add a fun twist, organizers designed interactive games for attendees. Picture this: three vibrant color tunnels, each revealing different aspects of The Trade Desk’s innovative products. Attendees strolled through these tunnels, absorbing valuable information hidden within. Emerging on the other side, they put their newfound knowledge to the test with a quick quiz.

But wait, there’s more! Partyinkers, stationed at the yellow tunnel, offered a special treat for participants. By acing the quiz, attendees could redeem a personalized tote bag from our booth. Imagine customizing the tote bag with trendy cliparts reflecting The Trade Desk’s futuristic TV themetalk about a unique and memorable keepsake!

The response was phenomenal! Attendees left our booth with beaming smiles, flaunting their personalized tote bags. The word spread like wildfire, and soon there was a queue snaking around – everyone eager to get their hands on a one-of-a-kind memento.

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PA Activation x OTH

Stand out from the carnival crowd with Partyinkers – your ultimate solution for memorable events! In September 2023, we lit up the Festive Market at Our Tampines Hub, invited by the prestigious People Association (PA). Picture this: the vibrant atmosphere, exclusive handmade items, and the buzz of the BMT Graduation Parade 2023 – all in one day!

Partyinkers took center stage, offering live on-site printing for custom tote bags. Imagine getting your own personalized tote when you spend $30 (or $60 at NTUC FairPrice) in a max of 2 same-day receipts at the Festive Mall. Hurry, while stocks last!

But we didn’t stop there. Our custom cliparts, specially designed to showcase Our Tampines Hub, added a unique touch to every item. We brought interactive entertainment with live-printing sessions that became the talk of the town. Attendees queued up eagerly, willing to wait for their bespoke orders.

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Partyinkers team had an unforgettable night with DBS in November 2023 at their dazzling Dance and Dinner Night, themed around the brilliant stars awards. Every attendee took center stage, dressed as the best characters for this star-studded affair!

Adding a touch of magic to the evening, Partyinkers introduced a special on-site service that allowed attendees to grab a customized thermal flask right from our booth! Embracing the movie stars award theme, all the cliparts provided for the day perfectly complemented the glamorous atmosphere.

At Partyinkers, we’re dedicated to heightening the excitement and engagement of your events, offering interactive entertainment that leaves a lasting impression. Each attendee walked away with a unique souvenir, and the response was overwhelming – all 120 thermal flasks were fully redeemed within the first hour!

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Step into the glamour of the year 2023 as Apple unveiled its groundbreaking iPhone 15 series, marking it as one of the most iconic events of the year that captivated the public’s fascination. The excitement among people to own the latest iPhone was palpable, and Partyinkers took pride in being an integral part of this momentous occasion, collaborating with M1 during the grand launch of the iPhone 15 in M1 Branches by 2023.

What made this event truly exceptional was the exclusive offer for customers. With the purchase of any iPhone 15 series, customers were entitled to redeem a personalized pouch from the Partyinkers booth strategically set up at the M1 Shop Peranakan Place. Attendees were treated to specially crafted templates featuring an artistic depiction of the renowned M1 Peranakan shop, a beloved branch in Singapore. Throughout the three-day event, Partyinkers managed to produce an impressive 400 custom pouches for all customers who purchased the iPhone 15 series at the M1 shop, enhancing the overall launch experience.

All the customers had the opportunity to create their own pouches using specially designed templates, adding a meaningful touch to their new phone acquisition. The satisfaction among customers was palpable, as they not only embraced the thrill of owning a cutting-edge device but also cherished the added delight of a personalized accessory.

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Live Jersey printing @ HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens

HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens is one of the most exciting events for rugby lovers in Singapore. This year, thousands of spectators from all over the world flooded our National Stadium to soak in the thrilling display of rugby athleticism!

For the third year, Partyinkers is all hyped out for the chance to work with HSBC at the SG7s once again. During the two day event, more than 1,200 attendees got to customize their jerseys with their names and numbers of their choice! How cool~

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We recently dazzled at the SINGAPORE FINTECH FESTIVAL 2023, collaborating with UOB bank to showcase the innovative UOB Tomorrow apps. As proud vendors, we offered live-customized tote bag printing for festival attendees who were UOB Tomorrow app users.

Imagine designing your very own tote bag with exclusive clipart from our Partyinkers library! But that’s not all – our custom tote bags became the highlight of the UOB spin wheel lucky draw, alongside NTUC vouchers and Samsung buds.

The demand was off the charts, with everyone vying for a chance to spin and win! Hurry, while stock lasts! We successfully transformed the UOB booth into a beacon, rewarding loyal UOB Tomorrow app users.

But it wasn’t just about the giveaways – our live-printing sessions drew massive attention. Attendees lined up to place orders, eager to wait for their personalized tote bags. In just 3 days, we printed over thousands of customized tote bags, creating a buzz and making the UOB booth an unforgettable experience.

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As we bid farewell to 2023 and step into 2024, Partyinkers extends warm wishes for a Happy New Year! The year-end season has seen numerous corporate entities hosting parties to honor the dedication and hard work of their employees throughout the year. At Partyinkers, we take immense pleasure in being a part of these celebrations and contributing to the well-deserved rewards.

In the festive month of December, Partyinkers had the honor of being invited to the prestigious Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, where we brought the magic of live mug printing to enhance the joy of the employees’ Christmas and New Year festivities. It is a private party where only the employees of MPA is invited to. We meticulously curated an array of themed cliparts, ensuring that attendees could indulge in the delight of designing their cups, making the celebration uniquely personal.

The live-printing session became an instant hit, with eager attendees forming queues to place their orders, demonstrating their willingness to patiently await the creation of their customized mugs. The overwhelming satisfaction expressed by all attendees highlighted the success of the endeavor.

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Partyinkers is thrilled to share our recent collaboration with Grab, the leading super-app for seamless ride-hailing, food delivery, and digital payments on mobile devices. In September, we had the honor of being selected as the exclusive partner for the spectacular Grab Travel Express Event Launch at The Masons Table restaurant.

During the event, we surprised attendees by offering a personalized rope bag, which they get to design on-site and get it within minutes. To enhance the experience of the travel theme, Guest are also given a custom pre-printed luggage tags!

Our collaboration injected an extra dose of excitement and engagement, creating a truly interactive and memorable atmosphere for all attendees.

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In October, Partyinkers had the privilege of being part of the exclusive Yahoo NewFront Party, a private corporate event for invited guests only. We brought a unique element to the soirée by offering live-printing services for custom tote bags. All Yahoo NewFront Party attendees received a token from the organizers, allowing them to redeem a personalized tote bag at the Partyinkers booth.

Our booth featured a curated selection of popular cliparts, both from the event organizers and some trending favorites. Attendees were encouraged to unleash their creativity, designing bespoke tote bags adorned with these eye-catching cliparts with the use of our Partyinkers proprietary app

At Partyinkers, our mission is to entertain and engage your guests, injecting lively and interactive activities to amplify the excitement of your event. Rest assured, we never fall short of delivering on our mission! The feedback from attendees speaks for itself—they were thrilled with their customized tote bags and couldn’t wait to show them off!

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