Metaverse x Affyn

Diving into the Metaverse with Partyinkers and Affyn!

We were thrilled to join forces with Affyn, a groundbreaking metaverse project spearheading a Blockchain-based gaming startup. Together, we ventured into the realms of sustainable gaming economies and introduced the magic of live luggage tag printing to their epic event!

Hosted by Affyn, the event, titled ‘Web 3.0 | Art Meets Metaverse,’ was a highlight of the Grand Prix Season Singapore (GPSS), supported by the Singapore Tourism Board to spotlight Singapore as a global hub. It was a fusion of exhibition, talk show, and experiential zones, attracting diverse attendees from all corners of the world to delve into Affyn’s captivating metaverse.

Immersing ourselves in the world of Affyn’s metaverse, we themed our offerings around its charismatic characters: Purffyn, Pigasus, Nessie, Floomph, and Gagamaru! Each attendee had the opportunity to personalize their luggage tag with their name, choosing from these specially crafted templates inspired by Affyn’s universe.

And here’s the best part: attendees could snag these exclusive luggage tags for free! All they had to do was snap a pic at the event, share it on their socials with a specific hashtag, and voila! A unique Partyinkers creation was theirs to keep, serving as a cherished memento of their metaverse adventure.

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Partyinkers is thrilled to share our recent collaboration with Grab, the leading super-app for seamless ride-hailing, food delivery, and digital payments on mobile devices. In September, we had the honor of being selected as the exclusive partner for the spectacular Grab Travel Express Event Launch at The Masons Table restaurant.

During the event, we surprised attendees by offering a personalized rope bag, which they get to design on-site and get it within minutes. To enhance the experience of the travel theme, Guest are also given a custom pre-printed luggage tags!

Our collaboration injected an extra dose of excitement and engagement, creating a truly interactive and memorable atmosphere for all attendees.

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Experience the excitement of live-luggage tag printing at #LenovoAccelerate23!

We were thrilled to surprise the attendees of this exclusive seminar and dinner hosted by #Lenovo, where they unveiled their channel strategy and connected with IT industry leaders. As invited guests, everyone had the chance to receive a personalized luggage tag with their name on it, courtesy of #Partyinkers’ live-printing booth. It’s simple: just choose your favorite template from our system and type in your name or initials.

#Partyinkers had the privilege of enhancing the #LenovoAccelerate23 experience in multiple ways. We engage guests with fun as they design their luggage tag with our proprietary app. Our customized luggage tags not only promote the #Lenovo brand and its remarkable products but also serve as cherished mementos for all attendees. The uniqueness of the dinner was elevated, making it a standout among other events. The satisfaction of our guests was evident as they left the event happy and delighted with what we brought to the table!

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Live luggage tag and bottle printing with META

Last Christmas, Partyinkers had the incredible privilege of adding a unique and interactive element to the Christmas celebration treat for META staff! With our innovative design software, we were able to create and print custom luggage tags and bottles with attendees’ own META avatars on them for all attendees right on the spot! What’s more special is that META’ staff may express their character and style with the use of avatars by putting together different hairstyles, makeup, poses, outfits, expressions and more! Doesn’t that sound interesting?

With two booths set up during the two-day event, the Partyinkers team was able to produce an impressive amount of personalised luggage tags and bottles for each and every attendee. The positive reaction was irresistible, and it was an honour for us to be a part of such a special treat for META’s staff.

The advantage of live printing is that it adds an interactive element to any occasion. It allows guests to take part in the creation process and make something that is uniquely their own. Plus, the final product is always a one-of-a-kind keepsake that attendees can cherish for years to come.

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CIMB Preferred

Live Luggage Tag Printing with CIMB Bank

The Partyinkers team had the absolute honour of entertaining the guests at the CIMB preferred customers’ appreciation dinner recently in February by bringing the excitement of live luggage tag printing to them. A special and customised luggage tag will be printed for them on-site with just a few clicks on our design program. Doesn’t that sound amazing? No matter how big or small the event, our live printing is perfect for everyone

Plus, Partyinkers live printing activities add a unique and interactive element to any occasion, making it a memorable experience for all attendees. Those personalised items that guests bring home are always a memento of the occasion! You can always make your event unforgettable with instant printing!

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Partyinkers — your best event partner!

Last August, Partyinkers had the privilege of being part of Singtel’s GCCO Teams Games and Dinner Night – a thrilling team-building event with a ‘Squid Game’ twist! We added an element of surprise with live printing, offering attendees a choice between two unique items: Luggage tags and Jutebags. It is one of the special event that Partyinkers did as most of the time we will only offer 1 item in 1 event!

Attendees had a blast designing their own luggage tags and Jutebags using Partyinkers’ specially crafted templates. Our engaging activity was a hit, leaving everyone entertained and taking home one-of-a-kind souvenirs!

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees eagerly immersing themselves in the design process. Our booth had a constant line of excited customers, and our helpful staff ensured a smooth ordering experience, even assisting part of the attendees to place orders through their phones to speed up the ordering progress!

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Dot Digital

Unlock the secret to standing out in a sea of booths among exhibition! Dot Digital, the visionary force behind tools that empower marketers to connect with their customers, made waves at the E-commerce Expo Asia 2023 – a gathering of e-commerce elites, marketing masterminds, and industry leaders.

Partyinkers proudly joined forces with Dot Digital to create a buzz at their booth.  How? By captivating attendees with our live-printing magic, luring them to Dot Digital’s stand. This engagement allowed Dot Digital’s team to personally connect with visitors, and in return, they received custom luggage tags – a token of appreciation.

But that’s not all! Through our cutting-edge systems, we not only customized luggage tags but also gathered valuable data from attendees, seamlessly integrating it into Dot Digital’s CRM system.

The results? Attendees were delighted with their experience!

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Looking for an unforgettable team-building activity for your corporate event? Look no further than #Partyinkers! Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with #Roche, a global leader in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, to be part of their internal seminar’s team-building section. Staff from various countries came together for this incredible event filled with presentations and bonding experiences.

At Partyinkers, we brought an interactive and personalized touch to the seminar with our live-customized luggage tag printing. Not only did we engage the participants, but we also gifted them with memorable keepsakes to cherish. Each participant had the chance to create a unique luggage tag representing their team, incorporating elements of the Roche logo and their country’s flag. We printed these designs on the spot, and everyone was thrilled with the results!

The joy and satisfaction from the attendees made this team-building activity a huge success. Now, we invite you to bring the same excitement and camaraderie to your future seminars or corporate events. Make your occasion even more special and engaging by choosing Partyinkers for our exceptional printing services.

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