Shangri La

Bring the Magic of Instant Printing to Your Event!

Last March, Partyinkers had the pleasure of serving the participants of the Shangri La Group “Pioneering New Horizons” Singapore Showcase with live jute bag printing. With our quick and efficient technology, we printed over 180 customized jute bags in no time!

Our live printing is perfect for any event, big or small. The Shangri La event was just one of the many successful events we’ve helped make unforgettable.

At Partyinkers, we’re all about creating customized and memorable experiences. If you’re interested in adding live printing to your next event, get in touch with our sales team now!


Partyinkers — your best event partner!

Last August, Partyinkers had the privilege of being part of Singtel’s GCCO Teams Games and Dinner Night – a thrilling team-building event with a ‘Squid Game’ twist! We added an element of surprise with live printing, offering attendees a choice between two unique items: Luggage tags and Jutebags. It is one of the special event that Partyinkers did as most of the time we will only offer 1 item in 1 event!

Attendees had a blast designing their own luggage tags and Jutebags using Partyinkers’ specially crafted templates. Our engaging activity was a hit, leaving everyone entertained and taking home one-of-a-kind souvenirs!

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees eagerly immersing themselves in the design process. Our booth had a constant line of excited customers, and our helpful staff ensured a smooth ordering experience, even assisting part of the attendees to place orders through their phones to speed up the ordering progress!

If you want to add that extra special touch to your next corporate event, look no further than Partyinkers for top-notch printing services. Let’s make your event unforgettable!