Footlocker | NBA 2K24

Celebrating 1 Year of Foot Locker Fridays with Partyinkers!

In September, we joined forces with Foot Locker for an epic anniversary bash featuring the NBA 2K24 Launch! But that’s not all – we brought the magic of live pouch printing to amp up the excitement. This time, all our exclusive cliparts are all about Nike!

All our invited guests get to redeem one of these exclusive pouches, and guess what? Even if they’re not on the guest list, they can still snag one by purchasing a pair of Nike shoes at the Foot Locker store!

But wait, there’s more! After grabbing their personalized pouches from the Partyinkers station, swing by the adjacent station for a custom paracord strap too! It’s time to show off their swagger! Our attendees were absolutely thrilled with their pouches; some couldn’t wait and put them on right away!

Don’t miss out on the next big event – Partyinkers will be there to make it even more special.


Embrace Upcycling & Innovation! At our recent Accenture song seminar, Partyinkers took sustainability to the next level! We encouraged attendees to bring items they no longer used at home, like shirts, facemasks, bags, and more, for a fantastic upcycling experience using our hybrid patches.

Engaging & Eco-Friendly Booth Our booth not only entertained the guests but also showcased the power of thinking outside the box! We transformed seemingly useless items into something valuable and trendy. It was a meaningful moment for both attendees and organizers alike.

Want to elevate your corporate event’s sustainability game? Let Partyinkers be a part of your future seminars, offering unique printing services that make every occasion special! Together, we’ll make a difference for our planet!