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We recently kicked off InsureTech Connect Asia, the region’s premier insurance event at MBS Expo & Convention Centre. With no specific theme, attendees enjoyed choosing from our vast clipart library and live-aluminium sport bottle printing!
Partyinkers printed up to 120 personalized sports bottles, creating a memorable buzz around the Appian booth to achieve the goal of refreshing the expo vibe, fostering networking with investors and innovators, and building valuable partnerships.
Attendees were thrilled with our live-printing session, lining up eagerly for their personalized bottles and creating a buzz throughout the event!
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Step into the future of creativity with Partyinkers!

Partyinkers had the incredible opportunity to join forces with Adobe Firefly at the renowned Adobe Make It Singapore event last April. This event, a dynamic blend of seminar and product showcase, illuminated the boundless possibilities of creativity, collaboration, and streamlined workflows powered by Adobe.

Our collaboration with Adobe Firefly, the Free Generative AI for creatives, marked a groundbreaking moment in live printing technology. Attendees were immersed in a unique experience where they could witness the fusion of AI Generator and our Live Printing technology firsthand. Under the guidance of Partyinkers, attendees delved into the realm of creativity by inputting their imaginative prompts into Adobe Firefly. The AI then crafted several choices based on these prompts, allowing attendees to select their favorite artwork to be printed on a totebag using Partyinkers’ systems.

The excitement was palpable as attendees marveled at the seamless integration of technology and art, receiving totebags adorned with their exclusive artworks—a tangible manifestation of their creative vision brought to life. But the surprises didn’t end there! We also curated 150 pre-printed sport aluminum bottles, ensuring that every attendee left with a memorable souvenir from the event.

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In March, Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Advancement and Alumni Division hosted SIT alumni in the annual highly anticipated Inter-Cluster Games 2024 (ICG 2024) event, and Partyinkers was thrilled to be a part of it! Our live-printing booth was a hit, offering attendees the chance to customize their very own white thermal flasks from our extensive clipart gallery. Whether it was adding their initials, a favorite quote, or a fun design, guests had the creative freedom to make a unique door gift that resonated with them.

Throughout the event, our dedicated team was on-site, ensuring seamless order placement and printing experiences for everyone. We’re proud to share that we produced hundreds of personalized bottles in a single day! At Partyinkers, our mission is to elevate engagement and create lasting memories. Our interactive printing process not only entertained guests but also left them with tangible keepsakes to cherish.

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Partyinkers team had an unforgettable night with DBS in November 2023 at their dazzling Dance and Dinner Night, themed around the brilliant stars awards. Every attendee took center stage, dressed as the best characters for this star-studded affair!

Adding a touch of magic to the evening, Partyinkers introduced a special on-site service that allowed attendees to grab a customized thermal flask right from our booth! Embracing the movie stars award theme, all the cliparts provided for the day perfectly complemented the glamorous atmosphere.

At Partyinkers, we’re dedicated to heightening the excitement and engagement of your events, offering interactive entertainment that leaves a lasting impression. Each attendee walked away with a unique souvenir, and the response was overwhelming – all 120 thermal flasks were fully redeemed within the first hour!

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Fuel the future — Possible 2023, is a event hosted by Teradata, a global influencer forum where industry leaders redefine the future of business, analytics, and technology through data-driven innovation.

This year, Partyinkers is thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking event by introducing onsite cola-shaped bottle printing, a truly unique product demo. Our thermo bottles offer both convenience and style and the best part is that you can always design it in the way you like!

Our event attendees can select from an array of specially crafted clipart from Teradata to design their very own thermo bottles. It’s the ultimate personalized souvenir from Teradata, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all participants. Partyinkers has printed up to 300 bottles for delighted attendees who cherished the opportunity to create their own custom bottles during the event

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Fullerton Health

Experience the Extraordinary with Partyinkers

Previously, Partyinkers took corporate celebrations to the next level at Fullerton Health’s New Office Launching! Our live-thermal flask printing service wowed everyone at Just Co in Marina Square. As a healthcare service provider, Fullerton Health’s event was all about promoting well-being, including the exciting launch of juice bikes.

Our customized Thermal Flasks were the ultimate reward for Fullerton Health’s incredible staff and the perfect gift to celebrate their new office. Plus, they doubled as a fantastic way to boost brand awareness, fitting seamlessly with Fullerton Health’s health-focused mission. What’s more? Each employee got to design their own flask, making it truly special and unique.

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Live luggage tag and bottle printing with META

Last Christmas, Partyinkers had the incredible privilege of adding a unique and interactive element to the Christmas celebration treat for META staff! With our innovative design software, we were able to create and print custom luggage tags and bottles with attendees’ own META avatars on them for all attendees right on the spot! What’s more special is that META’ staff may express their character and style with the use of avatars by putting together different hairstyles, makeup, poses, outfits, expressions and more! Doesn’t that sound interesting?

With two booths set up during the two-day event, the Partyinkers team was able to produce an impressive amount of personalised luggage tags and bottles for each and every attendee. The positive reaction was irresistible, and it was an honour for us to be a part of such a special treat for META’s staff.

The advantage of live printing is that it adds an interactive element to any occasion. It allows guests to take part in the creation process and make something that is uniquely their own. Plus, the final product is always a one-of-a-kind keepsake that attendees can cherish for years to come.

So, if you’re planning an event and want to add an extra special touch, be sure to reach out to the Partyinkers sales team to learn more about how we can help. Our team is always ready to discuss the possibilities and bring your vision to life!


Bringing a different sense of excitement to your pop-up activations, Partyinkers is always your best choice! Back in October, we collaborated with Speedo and Sun & Sands Sports (SSS) for a thrilling pop-up activation at Raffles City. Customers purchasing Speedo items at the SSS store (Raffles City) up to $60 can redeem a personalized aluminum sport bottle from our live-printing booth!

All cliparts provided are specially crafted, featuring Speedo’s seaside, sunshine, and chill theme! The personalized bottles are the perfect reward for Speedo’s loyal customers, aligning seamlessly with the sporty lifestyle they love!

Partyinkers printed a total of 120 special customized bottles for Speedo customers – a truly meaningful reward. Throughout the entire pop-up Speedo campaign, we successfully fulfilled our mission: entertaining attendees and providing a lively and interactive experience.

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Circle Hacker House

Live Thermal Flask Printing with Circle HackerHouse

Just last weekend, Partyinkers team injected FUN at Circle HackerHouse 2023 by surprising participants with live-printed, customised thermal flask bottles.

Everyone was excited to express their personalities by personalising their own custom thermal flasks with their names as well as favourite icons and colours at our Partyinkers booth. During the event, Partyinkers team printed hundreds of thermal flasks over the two-days. It was such a pleasure to see all the satisfied and happy faces upon receiving the personalised flasks!

Contact Partyinkers any time if you’re looking for something special and memorable, we’re always ready to serve you! Lets party!

DBS | Better World Cafe

Live Thermo Coffee Mug Printing with DBS bank

To celebrate the launch event of DBS Better World Cafe, Partyinkers was proud to be a part of the special setup for DBS employees at Marina Bay Financial Centre. The event spanned two weeks, during which Partyinkers delivered the fun and excitement of customising thermos coffee mugs for DBS staff. Our live printing event was an absolute hit, and we were sold out every single day. In just two weeks, we printed thousands of personalised thermos coffee mugs!

The tremendous popularity of the event is a testament to the appeal of personalised and unique items that reflect the individuality of their owners. Witnessing the joy and satisfaction on the faces of DBS staff as they received their custom mugs filled us with delight. We are proud to have played a part in making the launch event of DBS Better World Cafe so memorable and successful as we believe that personalised items can truly enhance the overall experience of any event. It was rewarding to see how our attention to detail and commitment to quality helped to create a positive impact on the DBS team and their guests.

If you’re looking for a unique and engaging way to add a personal touch to your event, Partyinkers is here to help. Contact our sales team to learn more about our live printing services and how we can make your next event a success!