DP World Tour 2024

Step into the world of luxury and sportsmanship with Partyinkers at the prestigious 2024 PORSCHE Singapore Classic, an event that marks the start of the DP World Tour’s “Asian Swing”. Against the breathtaking backdrop of Singapore, witness golfing excellence like never before.

We are proud to be the exclusive live embroidery partner for the DP World Tour, providing a bespoke experience for attendees over all four days of this grand event. Picture this: as you walk in, choose from an array of caps, t-shirts, and bags. With three elegant fonts and four vibrant thread colors at your disposal, personalize your gear with your name or initials (up to nine characters) in just minutes!

Imagine leaving with a unique souvenir, crafted right before your eyes. These personalized items not only serve as lasting mementos of the event but also leave a lasting impression, capturing the spirit of golfing excitement and Singapore’s dynamic energy.

Looking to elevate your corporate event? Let Partyinkers weave magic with live embroidery, adding that extra touch of exclusivity and personalization. Reach out to us and make your next event an unforgettable experience!