Calling all corporate leaders! Partyinkers had the incredible opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking seminar on the most effective HR strategies for the modern workplace in 2023, alongside our esteemed partner JaslyNGroup. The event was welcoming attendees from various industries, all of whom were part of their respective companies’ HR departments. What made our presence truly unique at this event was our Live-Ropebag Printing service exclusively designed for the participants.

As an event partner, JaslyNGroup entrusted us to provide live Ropebag printing for all attendees, with each bag showcasing their distinctive QR code logo. By simply scanning the QR code on their Ropebag, attendees were instantly connected with JaslyNGroup. Furthermore, they had the freedom to personalize their bags according to their own preferences, adding a touch of individuality.

This interactive experience not only delighted the attendees but also served as a powerful tool for brand promotion and awareness, shedding light on the incredible offerings of Prudential corporate insurances. Witnessing the attendees’ satisfaction with their customized Ropebags was truly rewarding for us.

If you’re looking to make your upcoming seminar extra special, look no further than Partyinkers! Come and explore our range of live printing activities that will add that unique touch of charm to your event.