Boost Engagement & Networking at Your Corporate Webinar: Partyinkers Live-Notebook Printing!

In May, Partyinkers had the fantastic opportunity to join an exclusive webinar hosted by 8x8, a leading cloud-based platform empowering developers to integrate real-time communications features seamlessly into their applications. We were thrilled to be invited by 8×8 to bring the magic of Live-notebook printing onsite for the event.

This extraordinary occasion featured two types of attendees: those present at the physical location and others joining virtually in hybrid mode. Even for online participants, we ensured they didn’t miss out on the fun! With a simple scan of our QR code, they could easily design their own notebooks and place their orders.

The feedback from all the attendees has been overwhelmingly positive! Our personalized notebooks left a lasting impression, and our booth acted as a focal point for enhanced networking. People naturally gravitated towards our station, igniting engaging conversations and fostering valuable networking opportunities.

Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your next corporate webinar! Let Partyinkers add that touch of magic to your event with live-printing activities.