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Top 6 Interesting Fringe Activities for Product Launch Event

Product Launch Event is a trend! Product launch events serve the purpose of introducing the product in front of the potential stakeholders and also the would-be clients.

Singapore is a fast-growing business hub, and often the company owners choose it to be the place for their Product Launch Event. The city has some of the best things to offer when a product launch is considered.

The market is bored with regular promotional events to create some of the most viral corporate launches.

The ultimate purpose is to raise brand recognition and drive sales. Product Launch Event is great for increasing consumer awareness.

Would you love to try out fresh, crazy, and wild ideas to add a zing to your corporate product launch? This article will help you to understand how you can arrange an all-encompassing event to launch your product. These ideas will not only help in a successful product launch event but also keep the guests glued to it.

1. Bringing Guest speakers

Introducing guest speakers is a great way to keep the audience interested. As in the case of TEDx, organizers invite guest speakers to speak on a topic of their choice for a short duration. It keeps the guests entertained and can also be used to pass across essential messages in the disguise of entertainment.    

2. Performing Artist or Magician Artist

Inviting a performing artist to perform for a short duration, helps in gaining traction, and draws more attention to the event. The guests would be more interested when their favorite artists perform at the event. As a result, it is a handy tool for brands and can be used to add to the success of their launch.

3.Trivia Game with Product as the Prize

Conducting trivia games and quizzes with the product to be launched as the prize for the winners. This helps generate added interest to the product in focus and draws attention to the brand in general.

4. Pictionary

This is the perfect ice-breaker session and promotes team building activities among event attenders. Timing the events adds to the entertainment and also ensures the events take place within a specific time frame.

5. DIY Workshops

DIY Workshops can help create a lasting impression on attendees of the event. Teaching easy tasks adds to the experience of the audience in presence. Allowing them to have interaction with other guests and have more connection with the newly launched products.

6. Personalized Gifts

Offering customized products to guests gives them a sense of importance and personalization. Some examples may include simple name-printed customized bags or mugs and also helps in expanding the reach of the event. It works wonders and increases the recall value of an event.  Partyinkers offer Live Design Printing to allow you to have an experience of customizing Live at your Product Launch Events to bring you unique take-home gifts for your guests.

So, there you go! Conducting any of the fringe activities mentioned above will guarantee a successful product launch, with a successful customer outreach without compromising on customer experience. Here’s wishing you a successful product launch event!


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