Black Hat Asia, the most anticipated cybersecurity event in Singapore, is back and better than ever! This year, Synopsys have once again hired Partyinkers to bring you an electrifying experience with live printing!

During this thrilling two-day event, our tailor-made notebooks stole the show, leaving a lasting impression on participants! These participants get to design their personalised notebooks with a range of exclusive Synopsys cliparts with the use of our Partyinkers Proprietary APP.

Not only did they catch everyone’s eye, but they also played a vital role in gathering crucial data for Synopsys. We cleverly integrated a survey into our design systems, allowing us to obtain essential participant information like product interests, decision-making influence, emails and company titles and much more for Synopsys. Armed with these valuable insights, Synopsys sales consultants were empowered to deliver sales demos tailored precisely to the needs and preferences of customers. We take immense pride in being a potent lead generator, seamlessly combining personalized Synopsys notebooks with invaluable data capture.

We’re like a turbocharged tool and magnet, drawing in all the black hat attendees to our booth. We make sure Synopsys stands out from the crowd and becomes the center of attention at this extraordinary event.

So, if you’re preparing for an upcoming exhibition booth and need a way to both gather data and captivate your audience, Partyinkers is the answer! Our live printing and customization services provide the perfect solution. Contact us today with any inquiries you may have. Let’s collaborate and make your booth an unforgettable success!