Creating unforgettable moments with live totebag printing – Choose Partyinkers!

Last August, SPH Media hosted an exclusive corporate event at The Stanford Hotel, and Partyinkers had the honor of being part of it at the renowned SKAI Restaurant. We added a touch of creativity to the evening by offering live-totebag printing, allowing all the attendees to customize their very own totebag right at our live-printing station.

What made this event truly remarkable was the option for attendees to choose from three specially designed templates and customize them with their own text or names. These bespoke totebags served as cherished mementos of the event, ensuring that the memories would linger long after it was over. The feedback from all the attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with everyone thoroughly enjoying the process of designing their own bags.

If you’re planning a corporate dinner party in the future, consider Partyinkers for a similar printing service to add that extra touch of uniqueness and create lasting memories. Let’s make your next event truly special!