Uniqueness Redefined!

Celebrating Public Service Week 2023 in Singapore was an incredible experience! At this momentous event, Partyinkers had the privilege of being part of not one, but two special occasions: the grand opening of this event, Public Service Week (PSW): Spark and the inspiring Public Sector Transformation (PST) Convention. Our mission? To bring the magic of live-customized printed tote bags right to the heart of the festivities!

This event is all about inspiring our dedicated public officers to embody the core values and ethos of the Public Service while preparing for a bright future ahead. We do honor the incredible Public Sector Transformation movement that has empowered our officers to innovate and uplift the experiences of citizens and fellow officers alike.

With Partyinkers on board, we added an extra layer of entertainment and surprise for all the event participants and attendees. They went home with personalized souvenirs that captured the essence of this unique occasion, featuring custom cliparts inspired by the event’s theme.

Looking to make your future corporate events unforgettable and engaging? Count on Partyinkers to elevate your event with our exceptional printing services. Let’s make it an experience your attendees will cherish forever!