Capturing Life in a Flash: Prudential x Partyinkers Pop-Up Roadshow Experience

Last July, Partyinkers joined forces with Prudential at the vibrant Singapore Plaza for an unforgettable pop-up road show experience! We brought the magic of live-totebag printing to the event, adding a unique touch that attendees loved.

The theme of the road show was #lifeinaflash, where Prudential aimed to capture the essence of how life can change in an instant. All the amazing cliparts provided to attendees were specially crafted by Prudential, perfectly aligned with the roadshow’s captivating theme!

Want to know how attendees scored their very own personalized totebag from the Partyinkers station? It’s simple! Just complete a quick survey from Prudential, share a fabulous photo on social media with the hashtag #lifeinaflash, and make sure to tag @PrudentialSingapore. This exciting offer drew a surge of enthusiastic participants, all eager to rock their custom totebags.

Thinking of adding a dash of excitement to your upcoming road show? Look no further than Partyinkers! Our captivating fringe activities are designed to make your event extra special and engaging. Let’s create unforgettable moments together!