Experience the excitement of Ignite on Tour 2024 in Singapore, where Palo Alto Network’s cutting-edge cybersecurity event met Partyinkers’ live t-shirt printing! Our collaboration brought over 250 personalized t-shirts to attendees, showcasing our interactive approach and dedication to enhancing event experiences.

At Ignite on Tour, top cybersecurity leaders, influencers, and practitioners united for a day of inspiration, strategy, and networking. Guests could redeem their exclusive t-shirt by simply registering and providing feedback, choosing from 10 specially crafted designs to be printed on the spot. The response was phenomenal, with all shirts claimed within hours!

Why choose Partyinkers for your next workshop?

We don’t just print shirts; we create memorable interactions and gather valuable feedback. Our live printing booth engages attendees, encouraging them to participate in custom merchandise creation while ensuring event organizers receive insightful feedback.

Let us elevate your next event with personalized printing and interactive experiences. The possibilities are endless—reach out to Partyinkers today!