Exciting news from Partyinkers! We recently had the privilege of being part of Netflix Singapore’s exclusive in-house event, Netflix Cheers! Our live printing booth was a hit among Netflix staff, offering customized notebooks that captured the essence of popular Netflix shows like The Stranger Things and Wednesday.

Not only did our interactive booth attract a crowd, but it also created a buzz of networking opportunities! While waiting for their personalized notebooks, attendees bonded over shared interests and even collaborated on unique designs. The live printing experience encouraged creative expression, allowing individuals to showcase their artistic flair and individuality.

At Partyinkers, we’re all about ensuring a memorable and engaging experience for attendees. Our customized notebooks serve as tangible souvenirs, preserving positive memories of the event and the Netflix brand. In just 3 hours, we produced an impressive 180 personalized notebooks for all attendees!

If you’re planning your next corporate event and want to elevate the experience with interactive printing services, Partyinkers has you covered! Let us bring more excitement and possibilities to your next gathering!