Introducing the latest collaboration between Bing Image Creator and Partyinkers Live Printing service!

We recently had the incredible opportunity to join forces at a media gathering hosted by Microsoft and LinkedIn in Singapore, where the spotlight was on the transformative power of AI in various industries. LinkedIn shared how AI revolutionized the job search experience, inspiring us to explore new horizons with AI integration.

During the event, Partyinkers unveiled an exciting fusion of AI Generator and our Live Printing technology! Under our expert guidance, attendees delved into the creative realm of the Bing Image Creator, crafting personalized images through their imaginative prompts. With a selection of options generated by Bing Image Creator, attendees chose their favorite design, which was then seamlessly printed onto a tote bag using Partyinkers’ innovative system!

The enthusiasm was palpable as attendees embraced this groundbreaking experience, witnessing their exclusive artworks come to life on custom tote bags!

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