Proud Moment Alert! Partyinkers had the incredible honor of being a part of The Trade Desk’s conference and product showcase as the exclusive live-printing station. The Trade Desk™, a cutting-edge technology company, empowers advertising buyers through its self-service, cloud-based platform, allowing them to create, manage, and optimize digital ad campaigns across various formats and devices.

The event was nothing short of amazing! To add a fun twist, organizers designed interactive games for attendees. Picture this: three vibrant color tunnels, each revealing different aspects of The Trade Desk’s innovative products. Attendees strolled through these tunnels, absorbing valuable information hidden within. Emerging on the other side, they put their newfound knowledge to the test with a quick quiz.

But wait, there’s more! Partyinkers, stationed at the yellow tunnel, offered a special treat for participants. By acing the quiz, attendees could redeem a personalized tote bag from our booth. Imagine customizing the tote bag with trendy cliparts reflecting The Trade Desk’s futuristic TV themetalk about a unique and memorable keepsake!

The response was phenomenal! Attendees left our booth with beaming smiles, flaunting their personalized tote bags. The word spread like wildfire, and soon there was a queue snaking around – everyone eager to get their hands on a one-of-a-kind memento.

Planning your next conference or product showcase? Make it unforgettable with Partyinkers’ bespoke printing services. Elevate your event and leave a lasting impression – just like we did at The Trade Desk’s showcase. See you at the next big event!