In August, Partyinkers had the incredible honor of being featured at the prestigious Manulife FA Awards night 2023. Our exclusive collaboration allowed attendees to unleash their creativity by designing custom T-shirts provided by Partyinkers. The array of cliparts tailored to the vibrant theme of Spain enabled participants to craft truly unique shirts, infusing their individuality into the essence of Spanish flair.

Not only did attendees have access to a plethora of themed cliparts, but they could also weave their creative narratives by adding personalized text to their shirts, elevating the artistic expression. At Partyinkers, we are dedicated to providing a lively and interactive experience, ensuring that every moment is filled with excitement.

Amidst the spectacular atmosphere of the Manulife event night, our live-printing booth emerged as a crowd favorite, offering a dynamic and engaging space for our enthusiastic attendees. While other booths, including photo booths, added to the event’s charm, Partyinkers’ live-printing booth stood out as a must-visit attraction.

For corporate events or dinners, consider bringing the Partyinkers touch to your gathering. Elevate the experience with our unparalleled live-printing services, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Let Partyinkers amplify the vibrancy of your event and make it truly special.