Where Wanderlust Meets Personalization — Klook X Partyinkers 

In a standout moment this past July, Partyinkers commemorated Klook’s 9th anniversary in style. We brought the magic of live tote bag printing to the exclusive KOL X Klook Kreator dinner bash in Singapore. This soirée featured prominent influencers, all avid ‘Kreators’ who traverse the globe with Klook and generously share their journeys in real time.

Partyinkers took center stage, captivating the event’s attendees with our engaging services. Our curated offerings perfectly aligned with the day’s travel-inspired theme. What better companion for a globetrotter than a bespoke rope bag, designed on the spot?

Every intricate detail, including the themed clipart—dazzlingly Tropical—was thoughtfully prepared. The enthusiasm and joy of each participant as they designed their own bag were palpable. And the elation upon receiving their personally crafted rope bags, printed by Partyinkers on location, was truly heartwarming.

Ready to infuse your event with the magic of customization? Elevate your next corporate gathering with Partyinkers! Your event will be unforgettable, and the engagement, unparalleled.