Celebrating Halogen’s Milestone!

In July, we had the honor of being a part of the momentous 20th-anniversary celebration of Halogen Foundation Singapore! As a values-based not-for-profit IPC charity, Halogen believes in the innate potential of every young person to lead and drive positive change.

The night was nothing short of lively and grand, with Partyinkers bringing in three standard booths on-site and printing over 250 customized tote bags in just 3 hours! Our unique offering allowed attendees to design their own tote bags, taking home cherished souvenirs that forever capture the significance of this occasion.

Partyinkers truly made Halogen’s celebration stand out, adding an exceptional touch of creativity to the event. What’s even more remarkable is that all the clipart provided for the designs followed the night’s yellow-themed theme! Among the various booths present, Partyinkers undeniably emerged as the crowd’s favorite, leaving attendees extremely satisfied with their personalized tote bags.

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