Last September, Partyinkers had the honor of participating in an exclusive conference hosted by Fidelity International in the vibrant city of Singapore. This remarkable event welcomed only Fidelity’s esteemed clientele, which includes financial intermediaries, institutions like pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, banks, and insurance companies, from across the globe.

What made this occasion truly exceptional was our unique offering – instead of the usual one onsite printing item, we provided attendees with a choice of three: tote bags, rope bags, and customized bottles, each featuring four exclusive designs crafted by Fidelity themselves. Our mission? To enhance guest enjoyment and ensure a lasting positive impression.

Our live-printing booth churned out fantastic personalized keepsakes, making each attendee’s experience memorable. Are you ready to stand out at your next corporate gathering? Look no further than Partyinkers for premium live-printing services that set you apart from the rest.