Unlock the secret to standing out in a sea of booths among exhibition! Dot Digital, the visionary force behind tools that empower marketers to connect with their customers, made waves at the E-commerce Expo Asia 2023 – a gathering of e-commerce elites, marketing masterminds, and industry leaders.

Partyinkers proudly joined forces with Dot Digital to create a buzz at their booth.  How? By captivating attendees with our live-printing magic, luring them to Dot Digital’s stand. This engagement allowed Dot Digital’s team to personally connect with visitors, and in return, they received custom luggage tags – a token of appreciation.

But that’s not all! Through our cutting-edge systems, we not only customized luggage tags but also gathered valuable data from attendees, seamlessly integrating it into Dot Digital’s CRM system.

The results? Attendees were delighted with their experience!

So, if you’re ready to make your next corporate event booth unforgettable, look no further than Partyinkers. Let us help your brand shine in the spotlight!