Partyinkers X Cetaphil: Where skincare education meets live-printing excitement

Join us as Partyinkers reminisce about the amazing day we spent with Cetaphil during their captivating ‘Skin Awareness Month’ event in the heart of June. We had the incredible honor of participating in their enlightening skin knowledge seminar while also offering an exclusive promotion on Cetaphil products in collaboration with Guardian. But that’s not all—Partyinkers took the excitement up a notch by providing live on-site tote bag printing‼️

Imagine this: Customers attend the event and not only gain valuable insights into skincare, but they also have the opportunity to snag their favorite Cetaphil products with a whopping 30% discount on all singles! And here’s the cherry on top: for every $50 purchase, they can redeem a complimentary customized tote bag, hand-printed by Partyinkers right then and there!

Our collaboration with Cetaphil not only added an extra element of fun to the event but also ensured that every attendee went home with a unique souvenir. The live-printing session was an absolute hit, with a swarm of customers drawn in by the irresistible offer. In fact, the demand for tote bags was so high that Cetaphil extended the event by an additional hour to accommodate everyone’s desires.

So, if you’re planning a future event and want to make it extraordinary and engaging, look no further than Partyinkers. We offer similar printing services that will leave your attendees with unforgettable memories.