Unleash the Wow Factor at Your Booth with Partyinkers!

For the Month of June, Partyinkers rocked the #Gastrobeats Festival, representing #Carlsberg and delivering an electrifying surprise – on-the-spot live-printing of personalized tote bags! Here’s how attendees can score a FREE personalized tote bag during our live-printing session:

Simply purchase any Carlsberg merchandise or a set of 4 beers, and it’s theirs to redeem‼️

Not only did our live-printing session make the Carlsberg booth stand out amidst the sea of festival booths, but it also enticed the crowd to indulge in Carlsberg products and merchandise. After all, who can resist a free custom tote bag from Partyinkers? People eagerly lined up, patiently waiting for their turn, and the satisfaction on their faces when they received their unique items was priceless.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your event extraordinary and captivate the public! Reach out to Partyinkers now for similar printing services at future festivals. Let’s make your moments unforgettable!