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How it works?

Live Design and Print is an exclusive and premium service that allow guests to get their custom merchandise printed. Guests will be able harness their creativity to design on our patented app, and watch us bring it to live with state-of-the-art printing.

PartyInkers is a leader in live-printed custom merchandise for events. Our passion lies in crafting out a fun and engaging customisation experience that will bring your brand to life and reward your guests at the end with a memorabilia worth remembrance. From Singapore and Philippines, we work with brands to deliver immersive customisation experiences for their event.

We developed creative technology that helps increase brand engagement and awareness, develop new leads or launch their exclusive products. Guests will be able to experience the customisation via our exclusive application via touch screens where they will spend a time immersing themselves in your brand with minimal distractions. This is a unique window of opportunity in today’s world of diminishing attention spans where the brand can fully engage their target audience.

We will work with you to ensure every element we do can be customised to integrate seamlessly in your your campaign to achieve your aims.


  • Touchscreen/Tablet  
  • Custom branded app
  • Fully staffed and self operating.

Why do you need PartyInkers at your event?

New & Fresh Event Concept 100%
A must for your Event 90%
High audience interaction & entertainment 100%
Make your event a hit; the crowd will go crazy! 100%

“Efficient, personalised and innovative, Partyinkers is one of the best partners to work with. They are able to cater to your customised needs with suggestions and solutions which are very useful to event agencies, like us. We are appreciative all of Partyinkers’s efforts, especially Keon who are always friendly and willing to help with a smile! ”

Jasmine | Direction Events Inc

Some examples of our Setup


Requirements & Floor Plan

Our on-site presence can be as large or as small as you want it to be. We can fill up a large space to make it the main focus of your event or we can be discrete and non invasive.

What we bring with us?

  • 4+ PartyInkers Crew.
  • 3 tablets
  • Printers, heat presses
  • Full clean up and tear down supplies.

What we need to print on site?

  • Dedicated 110V outlet connected to a 14+ AMP breaker for each printing station.
  • 10ft x 10 ft space.
  • Shelter. We need a roof over our heads if there is any chance of wet conditions.