Fringe activities that leave a lasting impression

If you are here, you are probably wondering what is the next fringe activities you want for your corporate clients.

It is one of the most asked questions in the corporate industry and event agencies are consistently having difficulties finding unique fringe activities that suit the client’s branding and image.

Everyone would love to have a fringe activity that has a lasting impression on their guests. This article shows us how Partyinkers have done it time and time again!


1) People Don’t Buy Products; They Buy Experiences; Partyinkers Can Make Your Guest’s Experience Phenomenal!

It is important that guests feel like they are part of the event. Fringe activities that make the guest’s experience phenomenal are crucial to the success of the event.

PartyInkers brings you an opportunity to create a fun and exciting experience for attendees of your event. Our fringe activities such as live event printing let you engage the audience and create a memorable experience for them.

Corporate events, annual meetings, exhibitions or seminars, live merchandise customization works equally well for any kind of gathering. Combining experiential and conventional marketing, we render an enchanting and engaging experience to your guests.


2) Offer Your Visitors Something To Hold On To, Something That Keeps Reminding Them Of You, A Memory And Brand Authority Completely Customized By Them.

We arrive at your event fully equipped with our stations, gadgets, and software. Our crew sets up everything quickly, cleanly and occupies very little space. They guide your attendees on creating live designs and seeing the printing of designs in front of them. The best part of all, it only takes 5-10mins for them to receive their product customised by the attendees themselves.


3) Cut through the noise, make your message heard

With all the marketing and brand chanting all around, it is becoming difficult to get the word through to potential customers. Even if it gets there, it rarely gets heard; even if it gets heard, it rarely sticks. Why Struggle For The 8-Second Attention Retention When You Make Your Attendees Pay Attention For Minutes, And make them Listen To Everything You Want To Tell. 

Live event printing brings to use both experiential marketing and conventional branding. It is a fun and interactive way for your guests to customize the products with your designs. Not only the product but also the memory of editing and live customization also sticks around for a very long time. Much longer than banner, video or a stock printed t-shirt.


4) Partyinkers is the best in the Live Event Printing Industry. We offer the Fringe activities that you must have for events in 2019!

  • We are the first brand development service in Asia to offer live design and print.
  • We have over 10 years of printing experience and have our own gift manufacturing factory in Singapore.
  • Extensive experience in handling big events eg. We printed 1000 T-shirts and 500 Notebook for our client Citigroup conference over the span of two days.
  • Our system has been tested have done hundreds of events over the past year in 2018
  • Proven interactive service that generates high crowd engagement and excitement. No matter what industry you are in eg. Retail brands, conference, banks, we guarantee results. Your attendees will go crazy over us!!
  • Our app can be customized to suit your branding needs and marketing objectives.
  • We have professional staffs onsite that are well trained before the event and provide good service to your attendees.


5) Huge Portfolio of Client working with us

Partyinkers have worked with many companies over the past year and all of them are returning customers with successful case studies.

Facebook, Google, Citigroup, DBS, Coach, Swatch, etc!

Be sure to check out our Instagram @partyinkers to view our Live event printing portfolio



Step 1: Choose the Giveaway

Here they choose the product on which the design is to be imprinted. Our crew helps them and guides them through available colours, sizes, and styles. Giveaways generally include T-shirts, mugs, coasters and tote bags.

Step 2: Personalised it with cliparts and text 

Your guests choose any design of their choice from your artworks. Attendees can also get creative and edit those designs or create a new one from scratch. Our people remain by their side to help them through the process. Meanwhile, the designs are run on the live feed.

Step 3: Order Receipt

Once the design and giveaway are finalized, the guest is provided with the order receipt. It comes with a QR code so they can conveniently track their orders.

Step 4: Take Away

Once the live printing is done, the guest is notified. The finished product can be immediately worn or taken away.



We bring to your event:

  • 5 PartyInkers Crew.
  • 3 tablets
  • Printers, heat presses
  • QR Code Printer
  • LiveFeed TV
  • 1 Partyinkers customised booth (1.5m X 0.75m)
  • Full clean up and tear down supplies.

On-site, we try our level best to be as less obtrusive as possible. We understand that there are other more important things that you and your people are handling to make the event a great success. What we need from you on the event day:

  • 2 Dedicated power outlet connected to each printing station.
  • 3m X 3m space.
  • We need a roof over our heads if there is any chance of wet conditions.


Our live event activation not only provides your guests with a great time during the event but also brings giveaways that they will make them rejoice for a very long time. Send us an email with your event details and we will get back to discuss the best fit live printing solution for your next corporate event!

Meanwhile, you can check out the fringe activities that we offer – Live Design and Print & Onsite Screen Printing

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